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4"x15' Rock-Flex Chimney Liner 316Ti

4"x15' Rock-Flex Chimney Liner 316Ti

4"x15'Rock-Flex Chimney Liner 316Ti

Rock-Flex 316Ti .006 Stainless Steel Chimney Liners are air and water tight. 7 ply seams with 10 corrugations per seam provide the best flexibility and strength to contain moisture and flue gases. 316Ti is a unique alloy designed to resist acids in the flue and the stresses of hot and cold cycles. Use 316Ti chimney flue liners with wood, pellet, gas, oil, and coal fuels. 100% stainless steel and 100% made in the USA.


Note: The sizes given in the drop down box below are inside diameters.
Add 1/4" for the outside diameter of the liner.
Tee connectors require an additional 1/2" of clearance.

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