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Part 1: Why is My Chimney Chase Cover Leaking?

Chimney CoverThe majority of the time when a chimney is leaking, it is caused by the chimney chase cover. Improper installation is often the biggest reason why the chimney cover is leaking. Here are some examples of improper installation of chimney chase covers. None of these examples were due to deterioration of the chimney. They were all leaking as a result of bad workmanship.

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Ways to Fix Your Smoky Fireplace

Smoke FireplaceIf you are new to fireplaces or if you have recently moved into a new house that has a fireplace, you may be surprised when you light the fireplace and the entire house fills with smoke. A smoky fireplace is generally a result of poor construction. However, there could also be a few underlying issues with the fireplace setup. In some cases, it can be an easy fix.

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Measurements to Gather for Gas Chimney Liner Installation

Furnace ConnectionInstalling a chimney liner for a gas appliance is an easy way to bring your chimney back to life without having to rebuild your existing chimney. Cracked flues and large flues are the two most common reasons a chimney liner is required for a gas appliance. To do this job properly, you will need to gather some information about your appliance and chimney setup to determine the correct size liner for your appliance.

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