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5 Differences Between Traditional Fireplaces and Fireplace Inserts

Wood Burning Fireplace InsertIf you are considering installing a fireplace or converting to a fireplace insert, this is the best guide for you. Comparing both options and the differences will give you a good idea of what's best for your home and family.

The traditional fireplace provides more comfort and beauty over heat output

  • Open combustion system
  • Older fireplaces are around 10-15% efficient (little amount of heat pushed throughout home)
  • Modern fireplaces are very open for nice viewing area (some have even 3 to 4 glass doors!)
  • Today's factory built fireplaces are typically zero clearance (Can be installed close proximity to wood framing)
  • Remember, when installing in new construction, location of the fireplace takes planning to avoid issues such as smokey backdraft

Many homeowners are converting from traditional fireplaces to fireplace inserts due to their heating capacities

  • Insulated, closed combustion system
  • Today's fireplace inserts have efficiency ratings from 65% and above (Greater heat output = lower heating bills)
  • Excellent economical way to heat your home
  • Many styles feature fans and thermostatic controls that push heat throughout the homeowner
  • When installing, the first factor to consider is the size of your existing fireplace opening
  • Available in many fuel burning types and different appearance styles

Don't have a fireplace? Then a freestanding wood stove will work for you!

We understand that shopping and installing a new fireplace or insert is exciting and also a bit overwhelming. When questions arise, contact us, we're here to help. Happy Heating!