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How To Install A Premier Insulated Chimney Damper Instructions

Installing a Premier Chimney Damper

Parts of Chimney Damper Parts List:
A. Premier Insulated Chimney Damper
B. Firebox Bracket
C. 50 ft. of Stainless Steel Cable
D. (2) Tapcon and Washer
E. Handle/Chain Assembly
F. Allen Wrench
G. Silicone
H. Installation and Warranty

Step 1Attach the eyelet end of the cable to the stainless steel ring on the damper lid cable assembly.

Step 2To achieve a total seal, first run a thick bead of silicone around the flue liner top.

Step 3Take the zip ties off cable and drop down the flue.

Step 4Tighten the screws on the cap-damper just like on a chimney cap.

Step 5The slot in the firebox bracket should always be towards the rear. If placed on the left hand side of the firebox have the tail up, for the right hand side, tail down.

Step 6Position the firebox bracket about two feet above the firebox floor. Position in a convenient place to use. Drill the top hole using a 3/16" masonry bit.

Step 7Hammer the tapcon and washer into the hole. Drill the lower hole and hammer in the second tapcon.

Step 8Thread the ball-chain assembly through the keyhole slot in the firebox bracket and let it hang.

Step 9Fish the stainless steel cable from the smoke chamber and determine how much cable to cut off, leaving a few extra inches for future adjustments.

Step 10Place in the cable lock at this point and tighten the set screw with the allen wrench. Make all adjustments to the system before you cut the cable.

Step 11Completed assembly should look like this image!

Servicing your chimney damper:
Release the bottom cable in the firebox. Remove damper lid and detach tension springs under lid.
Remove center locator by pushing it down.
Angle damper and pull through frame, the flue is now ready for brushing!