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Freestanding Stove Through Pitched Ceiling Measurements Guide

Measurement Guide: Stove Through Pitched Ceiling

Stove through Pitched CeilingIf you’re installing a freestanding stove in a room with a pitched ceiling, this guide will help you figure out the stove pipe and chimney pipe lengths needed! We’ve narrowed in on all of the measurements you’ll need to gather. With these measurements, you can put together a parts list on our website or send the measurements off to us and one of our Certified Technicians will send you a parts list! Just follow the guide below and let us know if you have any questions along the way - we’re here to help.

One more thing to keep in mind before you move on to the guide - this particular guide is for a freestanding stove being installed in an area without a chimney which will need to pass through a pitched ceiling - like the picture to the left. If you are looking for a different installation setup, please visit our Measuring Guide page and choose the correct setup.

Choose between sending a form directly to us online OR print off a hard copy and send it over via email, scan, or fax.

Once we receive your form, we will reply with a parts list based on the provided measurements! We're here to make things easier for you during your ordering process.

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