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Part 2: Why is My Chimney Chase Cover Leaking?

Chimney chase covers are often the cause of a leak when you start noticing water damage inside the home around the chimney. Usually, improper installation of the cover is a key factor as to why the chimney is leaking. These next two photo examples are of chimney chase covers that were originally installed correctly, but when other home improvements, such as new siding was installed, makes it look like the chimney cover is the problem. Installing a new chimney chase cover can solve the leaks shown in these examples.

Chase Cover SidingThis chimney chase cover was installed just as it was supposed to be installed. This customer didn't have any issues for the first 20 years since the home was built, but now all of a sudden has a leak around the chimney after the siding was replaced. It is pretty easy to identify why this chimney is leaking.

The new siding was installed over the side skirt of the chase cover. Any water pooling on top of the chimney can run right down between the side skirt of the chimney and the new siding. This could have been easily avoided by having a new chimney chase cover installed after the siding was installed. The chimney chase cover should always be going over the siding so that water runs off.

Chase Cover RustedThis next example is baffling at first look. It's concerning that this is very common to come across. Originally, the chase cover was done correctly, but when the siding changed from a thin T1-11 siding to a thicker vinyl siding, the corner posts for vinyl siding are very wide and extend beyond the top trim board.

New Chase CoverFortunately, there is an easy fix without having to do any expensive carpentry work to the top of the chimney. Replacing the chase cover with a longer side skirt can take care of this. The longer skirt panel will overhang the corner post and prevent any future leaks at this spot. The new stainless steel chase cover will also prevent future staining on the new siding.

If you plan on having anything done to the chimney that is intended to help waterproof it, make sure the chase cover is addressed and you will not have the headache of wondering why the chimney is still leaking. This will help save a lot of wasted time and money. 

Article Series: Why Is My Chimney Leaking?

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