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Part 3: Why is My Chimney Chase Cover Leaking?

The leading cause of a leaking chimney chase cover is due to an original improper installation. While cheap chimney chase covers are sometimes installed correctly, these covers will eventually corrode out. Often times, a water leak will occur before the cover has rusted through. This is caused by a faulty installation. Making sure all of the proper parts are installed is very important. One part missing and this can cause the setup to leak.

Chase Cover No CollarAt first glance, this example looks like it is installed properly. But, as we look closer, we see there is nothing sealing around where the pipe comes through the cover. When it rains, the water will run down the pipe and inside the chimney chase. Over time the water will cause the top of the firebox to rust, making the fireplace extremely dangerous to use. The storm collar would have prevented this. The Storm Collar would be slanted away from the pipe causing the water to run off the pipe and onto the top of the chimney cover.

Chase Cover LeakThe next example, not only is the storm collar missing, but the chase cover does not have any vertical collars for the holes. This is a prime example of needing to replace the cover. Even if they had a storm collar, this chimney would have still leaked.

New Chase CoverRockford Chimney's stainless steel chimney chase covers have a vertical collar that is welded to the cover and sealed to prevent any water from entering the chase. The Storm Collar clamps around the pipe tightly and sits over the hole of the chase cover, making the entire system water tight. Just a thin bead of silicone is required to properly seal the storm collar and chase cover. Using a high-temperature exterior silicone that is UV protectant, will ensure you never have to check the seal of the chimney cover.

Article Series: Why Is My Chimney Leaking?

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