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Wood Fireplace Insert Comparison Chart

Best Performing Wood Fireplace Inserts - Comparison Chart

This chart is designed to assist you in selecting the best wood fireplace insert. We compare the most popular models below in an easy-to-read chart. To purchase or read more details on a particular wood insert, simply click the image or model name.

Wood Fireplace Insert Comparison Chart
Image Link Osburn 1700 Osburn Inspire Osburn 2000 Osburn Matrix Osburn Matrix 2700 Napoleon EPI3 Napoleon s20i Timberwolf EPI22
Model Osburn 1700 Osburn Inspire 2000 Osburn 2000 Osburn Matrix Osburn Matrix 2700 Napoleon EPI3 Napoleon S20i Timberwolf EPI22
Minimum Fireplace Opening 21.5”h x 27.5”w x 12.875”d 24.625”h x 29”w x 20.75”d 23.375”h x 28.875”w x 15.75”d 23.375”h x 28.875”w x 19.625”d 25”h x 31”w x 21.5”d 22”h x 28”w x 18”d 22”h x 25.875”w x 14”d 22”h x 25.875”w x 14”d
Recommended Heating Area (sq. ft.) 500-1,800 500-2,100 500-2,100 500-2,100 750-2,000 500-1,500 800-1,800 800-1,800
Firebox Volume (cu. ft.) 1.9 2.5 2.4 2.4 2.5 1.8 1.9 1.9
Maximum burn time (hrs) 6 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
Maximum log length (in) 18 20 20 20 20 18 16 18
Glass Viewing Area (w x h) 15.75” x 9.375” 20.25” x 9.5” 17.125” x 10.25” 19.625” x 11.875” 24.375” x 12.5” 25” x 12” 15.625” x 9.75” 16.5" x 9.25"
Blower Included Yes 144CFM Yes 176CFM Yes 144CFM Yes 90CFM Yes 176CFM Yes Yes Yes

Next Step: After you choose your new wood fireplace insert, fill out our measuring form to easily put together a parts list for your chimney liner.

Minimum Fireplace Opening

The minimum fireplace opening is going to be the first item you need to take a look at. This measurement indicates the minimum opening size required to fit the wood fireplace insert into. Your current fireplace opening needs to be at least this size in order to fit the wood insert into the opening.

Recommended Heating Area

The Recommended Heating Area is a suggestion based on the heating capacity of each unit. This suggestion provides a good estimate on the space each wood burning fireplace insert will heat. This metric will vary from home to home and is more or less an estimate. Measured in square feet.

Firebox Volume

The Firebox Volume indicates the space available inside the firebox where the wood will be loaded. Typically, the larger the firebox = the greater the heating capacity. Measured in cubic feet.

Maximum Burn Time

The Maximum Burn Time is the amount of time a load of firewood starts to burn all the way to the time when the embers continue to glow. This metric will vary based on location in the home, quality of wood, chimney draft, heat loss factors, climate, and other variables. Measured in hours.

Maximum Log Length

The Maximum Log Length is the largest length of firewood that would fit inside the unit. This is usually measured along the width of the firebox. This will give you a good idea of what length to cut your firewood to. Measured in inches.

Glass Viewing Area

The Glass Viewing Area is the measurement of the length and width that you will view the fire through the glass in the door. Each wood fireplace insert has a different door size, which in turn, provides a variety of glass sizes. Measured in inches.


The Blower is used to help distribute the heat from the wood fireplace insert into the living space. Each insert we offer includes a blower. The difference between the blowers is the volume of air moved by the fan. Measured in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute).