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Stove to Masonry Chimney Thimble Measurements Guide

Thimble to StoveIf you’re installing a freestanding wood stove to connect to a masonry thimble to the chimney, this guide will help you tremendously! We’ve narrowed in on all of the measurements you’ll need to gather. With these measurements, you can put together a parts list on our website or send the measurements off to us and one of our Certified Technicians will send you a parts list!

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Too Short of a Chimney May Cause Too Much Concern

Short ChimneyChimneys and fireplaces have a long history of heating humanity in the cold winter months. The height of the chimney is very important when it comes to the functionality of the heating appliance or fireplace. However, some chimneys like the one pictured here bares concern of not just functionality problems but also safety hazards. While traditional fireplaces are aesthetically pleasing, it is crucial that they are constructed up to code.

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