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Copper Multi-Flue Cap with Basic Lid, Top Mount

Features 3" overhang, 3/4" mesh, corner reinforcements are standard, stainless steel Tapcons and masonry drill bit included, Easily Adjusting Base Mounting Flanges, and removable lid. Please enter measurements as decimals (not fractions).

As low as $7.35
  • 100% Real Copper
  • 3" overhang
  • 3/4" Mesh
  • Corner Reinforcements are Standard
  • Stainless Steel Tapcons® and Masonry Drill Bit included
  • Easily Adjusting Base Mounting Flanges
  • Removable Lid

Screen height size is recommended to be at least 6" taller than the top of the flue.

Note: Copper Multi-Flue Caps are made custom per order and are non-returnable.

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