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Cupola Model 220

Weathervane included! 22" x 22" Base x 34" Height (before addition of weathervane) 28 sq. in. of vents. The most popular size that's great for mid-size buildings.

As low as $374.99

22" x 22" Base x 34" Height (before addition of weathervane)
28 sq. in. of vents

The most popular size, great for mid-size buildings such as two-stall garages, small barns, and storage buildings. Its two-piece design allows you to easily install and choose a combination of roof and base colors. Cupolas provide adequate ventilation and create an attractive profile. See colors & weathervane selections above. Weathervane included! With fast and free shipping to your door, you can't find a better Cupola and Weathervane!

Our Cupola selections always include a handcrafted, solid steel weathervane of your choosing. There are 15 style weathervanes to choose from to fit your style and personality. Weathervanes are handcrafted using 14 gauge solid steel and feature a powder coated, scratch-resistant finish as well as a baked on clear coat finish for further protection.

Cupolas are constructed of weather-resistant, high density polyethylene which is lightweight, impact-resistant, and will never rust, rot, or decay. All cupolas are designed with screens to ensure proper ventilation while keeping animals, debris, and weather out! Includes a 10 year limited warranty - we stand behind our products and our warranty makes sure you're always satisfied with your purchase.


A good guideline is 1" - 1 1/2" of cupola base for every foot of uninterrupted roof ridge line. The chart below will help you plan your installation.

Ridge LengthOption 1 (QTY)Option 2 (QTY)
24 feet Model 220 (1) Model 320 (1)
32 feet Model 320 (1) Model 420 (1)
40 feet Model 220 (2) Model 420 (1)
48 feet Model 420 (1) Model 320 (2)
56 feet Model 320 (2) Model 220 (3)
64 feet Model 320 (2) Model 420 (2)
72 feet Model 420 (2) Model 320 (3)

Installation Instructions:

Follow these easy steps to install your new cupola and weathervane! Each cupola base is molded with 3/12, 4/12, and 5/12 roof pitch guides to match most common pitches. If necessary, the base may be cut to any pitch up to 8/12. Our economical and efficient design installs far more quickly and easily than any other cupola. Most cupolas have more than 30 pieces - ours has only two pieces.

1. Cut base to roof pitch and attach to roof
2. Attach cupola top to base
3. Attach weathervane to cupola

Installation Instructions

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