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Self Powered Stove Fan for Gas Stoves

Ecofan BelAir for freestanding gas stoves and some pellet & corn stoves with a surface temperature between 167°F — 392°F (75°C — 200°C). Creating its own electricity and pushing up to 140 CFM.
As low as $199.99

For freestanding gas stoves and some pellet and corn stoves with a surface temperature between 167°F — 392°F (75°C — 200°C). The Ecofan Belair creates its own electricity and pushes up to 140 CFM (cubic feet per minute) this fan is ideal for those living off the grid or looking to increase the efficiency of their stove and use less fuel. Whisper quiet and completely assembled. Starts automatically and adjusts its speed with the surface temperature. Whisper quiet and completely assembled, these fans make for a great gift. Two year warranty. Select Black, Gold or Nickel blades.

Enjoy the Heat from Your Stove up to 38% Faster

The Ecofan BelAir is designed to sit on top of a free standing gas stove. These fans create their own electricity without using any household energy or batteries. The airflow the Ecofan creates helps you feel the heat that your gas stove is producing up to 38% faster! When place on top of your gas stove, the fan will start automatically and will adjust its speed with the stove temperature. So as the stove heats up, the Ecofan will run faster and as it cools down, the Ecofan will slow down and automatically shut off. The stove fan provides greater efficiency and maximum airflow.

Up to 18% Fuel Savings

The only fan on the market, our genuine Ecofans, have been tested by representatives of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo. The tests performed have proven that the Ecofan can reduce fuel usage by up to 18%. While using the Ecofan you will not only save money, but help the environment!

How Does the Ecofan Work?

Using thermoelectric technology, the Ecofan converts a temperature difference into electricity. The center of the Ecofan consists of a unique thermoelectric module. With a patented Ecofan design it produces is a hot side and a cold side on the module. With a hot and cold side, this causes electrons to flow within the module and electricity is generated to operate the fan, this principle is referred to as the "Seebeck Effect".

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