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WeatherShield Tallboy Air Cooled Chimney Cap

The Tallboy WeatherShield chimney cap is for Air Cooled chimney pipes and features a slip collar that extends 15" below the bottom lid assembly. Easy to install with a spring-tension fit.

As low as $229.99
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The Air Cooled WeatherShield chimney cap is a universal cap that installs inside an air cooled chimney pipe. The cap has an easy to install, exclusive spring-tension connection. The WeatherShield chimney cap has a wind-resistant fit that won't interfere with the cooling features of air-cooled chimney pipes. Features a removable lid and 1" mesh screen to keep weather, animals & debris out of your chimney. 1/2" mesh required in California and will add 1 week to shipping timeline.

Recessed PipeThis is our Tallboy model of the WeatherShield Air Cooled cap that features a slip collar that extends 15" below the bottom lid assembly. Often times, the Tallboy WeatherShield chimney cap is a necessity when the inner pipe of the air cooled system sits lower in the chimney. Tie down straps are included to secure the chimney cap and eliminate the inner liner from floating. The 304 stainless steel WeatherShield chimney cap ensures a lifetime of use!

The cap features a 15" extension on the bottom of the chimney cap which gets inserted INTO the inner pipe of the Air Cooled chimney pipe. Therefore, cap sizes are based on the most inner pipe diameter of the Air Cooled chimney pipe.

An added feature is the removable mesh screen that provides a measure of safety by helping to contain sparks. 100% stainless steel construction assures long life and rust-free performance. WeatherShield® features “spring fit” for easy installation and fast removal for chimney cleaning.

Use the optional add-on StormShield Conversion Kit to keep out hard driving rains or if you have issues with wind-related downdrafts. This easily installs by simply replacing the lid on your WeatherShield chimney cap. It is removable for inspection and cleaning.


  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Installs Easily, Self-adjusting Spring Base
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Removable Top For Easy Flue Access
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Tested To UL 103 Standard



Inside Flue Diameter Lid Size Diameter
6" 16"
7" 16"
8" 16"
8" with Oversize Lid 19"
9" 16"
9" with Oversize Lid 19"
10" 16"
10" with Oversize Lid 19"
11" 19"
12" 19"

SIZES: Custom sizes available up to 48". Please contact us for price, shipping time, and specifications.
CHIMNEY TYPES: Double wall or triple wall round, air cooled chimney pipe.

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