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Custom Double Snouted Tee with Tee Cap

A tee with two take offs and a clean-out cap, it is designed to allow you to connect two appliances to one chimney liner. Select any two snout diameters from 3 inch through 8 inch.


Double Snouted Tee Diagram Do you have more than one appliance venting into the same chimney flue? If you do, our Custom Double Snouted Tee is perfect for you. Our custom shop can fabricate a Double Snouted Tee to your specifications making for an easy installation. Used with flexible or rigid chimney liner.

Select any two snout diameters ranging from 3" to 8". The standard snout length is 10 inches. The Double Snouted Tee Connections use the same quick-connection clamping technology as our standard tee, creating an easy, tight and secure connection. The Double Snouted Tee is most commonly used when a furnace and a hot water heater are venting into the same chimney. Simply attach the current vent pipe to the ends of the snouts and alleviate the need to reconfigure any pipes. The tee connector will extend 3 inches above the top snout and 3 inches below the bottom snout. Please enter your measurements in the form above. A removable clean out cap is also included to access the tee.

Note: Please call for pricing if you need a tee that is larger than 8" diameter, or if you need additional snouts. The Double Snouted Tees are custom made and non returnable. The larger diameter snout should always be on the bottom.

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