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Mesh Bottom Plate

Great for transitioning from a flex liner to terminating at the smoke chamber in a standard fireplace. Our 18”x18” mesh bottom plate features a quick connect collar to secure the liner.

As low as $81.99

The Mesh Bottom Plate is a great way to transition a new stainless steel chimney liner to a fireplace smoke shelf or terminate the liner in a standard fireplace. Our 18" x 18" Mesh Bottom Plate features a "quick connect" collar to secure the liner. Moldable mesh allows you to manipulate the mesh to a variety of sizes, making for a perfect finish with Everguard Refractory Cement. Note: The 18" Diameter will have a 24" x 24" mesh plate.

Not what you're looking for? If we don't have it, our custom shop will build it, usually within 48 hours!

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