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Short Body Tee with 10 in. Snout

The Short Body Tee Connector with 10" snout is used for constricted thimble installations. Tee bottom is welded onto tee body. If you need the snout to be less than 10" simply trim it down.

As low as $103.99

This is a Short Body Tee Connector with 10" snout for constricted thimble installations. Does your chimney extend below the horizontal thimble? If not, the Short Body Tee is perfect for you! The distance from below the horizontal tee snout to the bottom of the tee body is 3/4". If you need the snout to be less than 10" simply cut it down with a hack saw. No clean out available due to the short body size (tee bottom is welded onto tee body).

Tee Connections are used to connect our flexible liner to the back of an appliance such as a stove or most commonly used to pass through a chimney thimble. The vertical part of the tee (the tee body) will connect to the flexible chimney liner. The horizontal part of the tee (the snout) will connect to the back of the appliance or pass through the thimble. The unique quick-connect clamp design allows the two parts of the tee to easily attach with a tight and secure seal. The quick-connect clamp screw is located inside the tee snout for easy access during installation. The tee connection adds 1/2" to the diameter size of the flexible liner (Ex: A 6" diameter tee connection has an outside diameter around 6.5").
Note: The Tee Snout is a female end and depending on your application you will need to have it crimped or add a Flex Liner Snout Adapter (only for 5.5" to 8" diameters).

Watch our Chimney Tee Connector Installation Video

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