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Adapters & Accessories

Use our Chimney Liner Adapters to assist in your installation and our Chimney Liner Accessories after installation when cleaning, inspection, and fire starters are needed. Even our Adapters and Accessories ship free to your door!

Typical Use & Summary:

  • Chimney Adapters are unique to certain installations and can greatly assist in your install
  • Chimney Liner Accessories are helpful for cleaning your liner, starting a fire, and monitoring flue temperatures
  • Listed below are our most popular "save the day" type of adapters for all different chimney liner install situations. Whether you're connecting to an oval exhaust hole, an offset is needed, or connecting with a double snouted tee - these adapters will help make your installation go as smooth as possible!

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  1. HVAC Chimney Liner Pipe Crimper
    HVAC Chimney Liner Pipe Crimper

    Longer, shallower crimps produced with the Chimney Liner Pipe Crimper result in a tighter fitting, more self supporting, leak-proof connection in sheet metal pipe and duct. Easily creates a male end for your installation!

  2. Round Pellet Stove Flue Brush
    Round Pellet Stove Flue Brush
    As low as $34.99

    Using a Poly Pellet Flue Brush is the best! Use this poly brush to clean flues of pellet burning stoves. This brush has stiff black polypropylene bristles; it will resist acids that will deteriorate regular steel bristle brushes.

  3. Pellet Cleaning Rod - 1/4 in. Thread 5 ft.
    Pellet Cleaning Rod - 1/4 in. Thread 5 ft.

    Flexible fiberglass rod for pellet stove flue brush. Each rod is 5' long. Rods can be connected end to end for whatever length you need.

  4. Rivets for Pop Rivet Gun
    Rivets for Pop Rivet Gun
    As low as $19.99

    Stainless steel 1/8" diameter pop rivets with a grip range of 1/8". These rivets are great to have on hand when working with our rigid chimney liner. Pack of 100. You may also need a Pop Rivet Gun Kit.

  5. Cedar Fire Starters
    Cedar Fire Starters

    Give your fire a head start with our Cedar Fire Starters. Made from a blend of cedar sawdust and refined paraffin wax, they light easily and burn great! Made in the USA from 100% recycled material. 36 pieces.

  6. Fire Gel Fire Starter
    Fire Gel Fire Starter

    Our Fire Lighting Gel is perfect for starting a fire in your wood stove, pellet stove, or fire pit. Simply squeeze about 2 oz. of Fire Lighting Gel onto the kindling. Add more kindling and logs and light the gel with a match or lighter. Smokeless and odorless. 16.9 Fl. Oz.

  7. Stove Top Thermometer for Wood Stoves
    Stove Top Thermometer for Wood Stoves

    Surface thermometer calibrated to measure Fahrenheit temperatures on stove top. Black genuine porcelain enamel on durable steel. Stylish new design features burn-temperature zones.

  8. Stove Thermometer
    Stove Thermometer

    Helps monitor stove temperature to reduce chance of creosote buildup. Ceramic face will not fade and the strong magnet holds the thermometer in place on the stove top, door or flue pipe.

  9. Hearth Country Firewood Moisture Meter
    Hearth Country Firewood Moisture Meter

    This great tool measures the moisture of wood to between 3 and 40%, covering the desired range. Just press the four sharp prongs into the split face of your firewood.

9 Items

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