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Adapters & Accessories

Use our Chimney Liner Adapters to assist in your installation and our Chimney Liner Accessories after installation when cleaning, inspection, and fire starters are needed. Even our Adapters and Accessories ship free to your door!

Typical Use & Summary:

  • Chimney Adapters are unique to certain installations and can greatly assist in your install
  • Chimney Liner Accessories are helpful for cleaning your liner, starting a fire, and monitoring flue temperatures
  • Listed below are our most popular "save the day" type of adapters for all different chimney liner install situations. Whether you're connecting to an oval exhaust hole, an offset is needed, or connecting with a double snouted tee - these adapters will help make your installation go as smooth as possible!

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  1. Custom Double Snouted Tee with Tee Cap
    Custom Double Snouted Tee with Tee Cap

    A tee with two take offs and a clean-out cap, it is designed to allow you to connect two appliances to one chimney liner. Select any two snout diameters from 3 inch through 8 inch.

  2. Insulated Chimney Thimble
    Insulated Chimney Thimble
    As low as $229.99

    The Insulated Chimney Thimble is intended for use in conjunction with any residential and building heating appliance burning gas, liquid, or solid fuels. The thimble adjusts to accommodate wall thicknesses 5" to 14".

  3. Safe-T Thimble
    Safe-T Thimble
    As low as $255.00

    This thimble is UL listed and allows you to pass your single wall stovepipe through a combustible wall. It provides protection from the heat when the connector is passing through a combustible wall.

  4. Rectangle to Round Insert Adapter Boot
    Rectangle to Round Insert Adapter Boot
    As low as $129.99

    Make connections between round flex liners to inserts and stoves with rectangle or oval exhaust openings. Collar is angled back toward the damper. Low profile clears most fireplace openings.

  5. Off-Set Box
    Off-Set Box
    As low as $169.99

    This two piece adapter / off-set box is designed to allow you to adjust the insert front and back from inside the firebox. The adapter's top outlet receives the chimney liner.

  6. Clay Flue Tile Breaker and Rods Kit - Rental
    Clay Flue Tile Breaker and Rods Kit - Rental
    As low as $279.00

    A Rotary Tile Breaking Tool dramatically speeds up the process of removing clay flue tiles. The weighted tile breakers spin in eccentric circles and will work effectively to break up clay flue tiles so they can be removed.

6 Items

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