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Flat Top Plate

For chimney tops that need a custom fit, we offer our flat top plate. No clamps, flashing, or storm collars needed. Just pull the liner through the collar & tighten the quick connector band.

As low as $49.99
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For those chimney tops that need to be custom fitted we offer our Flat Top Plate. No clamps, flashing, or storm collars needed. Just pull our flexible stainless steel liner through the collar and tighten the quick connector band. The Flat Top Plate features our quick-connect band to securely support the weight of the liner while also keeping rain, wind, and snow out of the existing flue. Simply trim the top plate to fit with a pair of snips and it's ready for installation. All Flat Top Plates are fabricated with 24 gauge stainless steel. You may prefer to use high-temp silicone to apply the top plate to the flue and to keep it water tight.

The Flat Top Plate is available in four plate sizes: 13" x 13", 13" x 18", 18" x 18" and 24" x 24" and is available for 3" thru 18" diameter flexible liners. Need a larger size, call us for a quote!

See our Top Plate & Chimney Cap Options Product Overview for a detailed explanation of each option.

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