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22 in. Tee Snout

Need more tee length? 22" Quick Connect Snout without the Tee Body and Clean Out Cap. If you need the tee to be less than 22", simply cut it down with a hack saw.

As low as $74.99
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Do you have a long chimney thimble or need more tee snout length? If so, the 22" Quick Connect Snout is perfect for you. The horizontal snout of the tee can pass through the thimble and extend out of the thimble enough so you are able to attach our stove or vent pipe. It will also provide more length if you wish to pull your stove a little further out on the hearth. The 22" snout will provide added length to make attaching stove or vent pipe simple. This snout can be used with any of our rigid liner tees, standard tees, short body tees, and even our custom double snouted tees. If the 22" length is a little too long, you can cut off any excess with a hack saw. Choose your diameter in the drop down box above. Note: tee body not included in this listing.

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