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Wood Stove Accessory Tool Kit

The best wood stove accessories put into one perfect package. Great for you or as a gift to the wood-burner in your life! Helps you run your wood stove safely and efficiently.


All of the most important wood stove tools for efficiency and safety in one bundled kit. Included in the kit is the ChimFex fire suppressant, wood stove top thermometer, Speedy White Hearth and Stove Cleaner, firewood moisture meter, and (2) cedar fire starters.

These are our top rated accessories for wood stoves from our customers and employees. All of the favorites compiled into one perfect package, saving you $37!

Wood Stove Accessory Kit Features:

  • ChimFex Fire Suppressant: In the case of a chimney fire, use the ChimFex fire suppressant stick to put the fire out within seconds
  • Wood Stove Thermometer: Gauge the temperature of the stove to cut down on wood consumption and reduce creosote buildup
  • Speedy White Hearth & Stove Cleaner: The most versatile stove cleaner that can be used on brick, stone, plastic, cloth, vinyl, carpeting, and more
  • Firewood Moisture Meter: Test your firewood moisture levels to ensure stove performance and safety
  • Cedar Fire Starters: Our favorite natural product for starting fires in a flash! Break each disc into quarters and use for several fires
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