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Rock-Vent Vented Standard Class A Flashing

This Rock-Vent Vented Class A Flashing is constructed of high quality, corrosive resistant galvalume or stainless steel. We offer it in flat and a variety of other roof pitches.

As low as $132.99
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We offer our Rock-Vent Vented Class A Flashing in a variety of pitches and in two different materials. Choose between Galvalume or 304L Stainless Steel. Both are constructed of high quality and corrosive resistant materials. The Galvalume Flashing includes an aluminum storm collar and the 304L Flashing includes a stainless steel storm collar. Choose the 304L Stainless Steel Flashing for ultimate longevity. Powder Coating Available, please call for quote - Read More About Powder Coating.


Flashing and Storm Collar sizes follow the same sizing as the chimney pipe - sized by the inner diameter of the chimney pipe. The outside diameter of the Rock-Vent pipes are 2.5" larger than the inside diameter. For example, the 6" storm collar will fit our 6" Rock-Vent insulated pipe which has an outside diameter of 8.5".

Installation Instructions:

Rock-Vent Class A Installation Instructions

Installing through a pitched roof? Watch How to install chimney pipe through a Pitched Roof.

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