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Selkirk Metalbestos Flat Ceiling Kit

Use this product page to add all of the standard components for a flat ceiling installation with Selkirk Metalbestos Class A chimney system. All you need to do is add the length of pipe needed.

As low as $567.99

Watch How to install chimney pipe through a Flat Ceiling

Ideal for to use with natural draft home heating systems that burn wood, natural gas, lp gas, and #2 oil. It has been specifically designed for today's modern high efficiency wood stoves, wood burning heaters, and for combination fuels in central heating systems. UL103 Standard for safety factory-built chimneys for residential type and building heating appliances.

Each kit includes: Rain Cap (430 stainless steel), Storm Collar (aluminum), Adjustable Flashing 2/12-6/12 Pitch (aluminum) (other pitches are also available, please contact us for details), Attic Insulation Shield, Finishing Support Package, and Chimney Pipe Adapter. Includes hardware.

Order multiple sections of Class A chimney pipe here.

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