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Selkirk Metalbestos Through the Wall Kit

Use this product page to add all of the standard components for a through-the-wall installation with Selkirk Metalbestos Class A chimney system. All you need to do is add the length of pipe needed.

As low as $901.99
100% of 100

Ideal for to use with natural draft home heating systems that burn wood, natural gas, LP gas, and #2 oil. It has been specifically designed for today's modern high efficiency wood stoves, wood burning heaters, and for combination fuels in central heating systems. UL103 Standard for safety factory-built chimneys for residential type and building heating appliances.

Each kit includes: Rain Cap, Wall Band, Insulated Tee and Tee Cap, Wall Support Kit, Insulated Thimble, Finishing Collar, Chimney Pipe Adapter, and 12" Insulated Pipe Length plus hardware.

Order multiple sections of Class A chimney pipe here.

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