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Double Wall Black Stove Pipe

Use Black Double Wall Stove Pipe when you need to reduce clearances to combustibles. Double Wall piping has a limited lifetime warranty. Reduce combustible wall clearances down to 6" and combustible ceiling clearances down to 8".

As low as $39.99
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Use Black Double Wall Venting Stove Pipe when you need to reduce clearances to combustibles. Double Wall stove pipe features a limited lifetime warranty. It is a 24 gauge black satin coat steel outer pipe with 430 stainless steel inner liner with a .016 thickness. This double-wall construction is cooler on the outside and thus lets you reduce combustible wall clearances to 6” and and combustible ceiling clearances down to 8". Double Wall Stove Pipe is available in 6", 7” and 8" diameters and a variety of lengths.

Our Black Double Wall Stove pipe has the highest quality of any other black pipe on the market due to it’s fume free finish and Thermal Web design. The patented Fume Free finish eliminates fumigating effects on initial firing of the appliance. No more smelly stove pipe! The exclusive Thermal Web design creates a free airflow that cools the outer pipe temperature like no other pipe on today’s market. With smooth weld technology and precise end forming, you are sure to have a perfect round pipe to pipe fit every time.

The stainless steel inner liner, 1/2" air space, and outer casing provide superior insulating qualities compared to single wall pipe. This enhances the performance of your wood stove by improving draft (which prevents “smoking”). Double Wall Stove Pipe also reduces potential creosote build-up, to prevent chimney fires - making your chimney system safer and longer lasting.

Compatible with our black stove pipe along with Ventis, Champion, and Nexvent.

Note: When ordering, please be sure to allow an extra 1-3/4" for overlap wherever liner sections will be joined together.


  • Outer shell is 24 gauge black steel
  • Inner shell is 430 stainless steel
  • 6 in. wall clearance and 8 in. ceiling clearance
  • Available in 6", 7", and 8" inner diameters
  • No more smelly stove pipe with our patented fume free finish
  • Precise round ends due to smooth weld technology
  • Helps keep flue gases warm to enhance wood stove draft and reduce the amount of creosote buildup
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