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DuraTech Anchor Plate

The DuraTech Anchor Plate is used as the starter plate to connect directly to a pre-fab zero clearance or masonry firelpace.

As low as $115.99

Use the DuraTech Anchor Plate to attach the DuraTech chimney pipe to a masonry fireplace outlet or pre-fab zero clearance fireplace (check firpelace Owner's Manual for approval). Bolt directly to the firpeace to start your chimney pipe. This will only attach to DuraTech chimney pipe. The Anchor Plate provides a 1" male end on the underside of the plate to connect to the fireplace.

  • 10" diameter plate size 14" x 14"
  • 12" diameter plate size 16" x 16"
  • 14" diameter plate size 18" x 18"

Note: Only compatible with DuraVent DuraTech Chimney Systems - Class A brand and models are not interchangeable.

Installation Instructions:

DuraVent DuraTech Installation Instructions

DuraVent DuraTech Brochure & Specs

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