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DuraTech Elbow Kit

Use the DuraTech Elbow Kit to maneuver the pipe around any obstructions such as rafters, roof joists and ridge poles. Comes with two 30 degree stainless steel elbows.

As low as $758.99

The DuraTech 30 degree elbow kit consists of two 30 degree eblows to offset the chimney pipe around obstructions such as rafters, roof joists, or ridge poles. One pair of elbows is permitted to maintain the UL103 listing. Offsets and angles greater than 30 degrees are not approved and void the UL103 listing. Fabricated with a stainless steel inner and outer wall. An Elbow Strap is required to support the weight of the offset.

Note: Only compatible with DuraVent DuraTech Chimney Systems - Class A brand and models are not interchangeable.

Installation Instructions:

DuraVent DuraTech Installation Instructions

DuraVent DuraTech Brochure & Specs

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