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DuraTech Class A Chimney Pipe

Large diameter DuraTech Class A chimney pipe now offered in 10", 12" and 14" diameters. UL listed UL 103 for traditional fireplace applications and more.

As low as $199.99

DuraTech Class A chimney pipe is avavilible in 10", 12" and 14" diamaters which are very common sizes required for venting an open fireplace. DuraTech Class A chimney pipe is tested and listed to the UL 103 standard. Designed and tested for applications which experience 1700 degrees Fahrenheit such as pre-fab zero clearance or masonry fireplaces. No need to have to construct a full masonry chimney. Now safely vent your fireplace with the DuraTech chimney pipe.

DuraTech chimney pipe is fabricated with a 430 stainless steel inner and outer wall and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This insulated chimney pipe is rated for 2" clearance to combustible materials. To calcuate the pipe length, subtract 1" for each connection. DuraTech chimney pipe connects with screws at each connection point. Hardware included. Note: the outer wall is 2" larger diameter than the innner wall and sizes listed are inside diameters (Ex: 10" inner pipe has a 12" outer pipe).

Note: Only compatible with DuraVent DuraTech Chimney Systems - Class A brand and models are not interchangeable.

Installation Instructions:

DuraVent DuraTech Installation Instructions

DuraVent DuraTech Brochure & Specs

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