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Rock-Vent Masonry Chimney Pipe Extension & Relining Kit

Use the Rock-Vent Chimney Pipe Extension & Relining Kit to extend your masonry chimney as well as reline the chimney flue to create a safe & efficient chimney. Includes Transition Plate and Rain Cap. Choose the appropriate additional options for your install.

As low as $258.98

Use the Rock-Vent Chimney Pipe Extension Kit to extend your masonry chimney as well as reline the chimney flue. It's not uncommon to find a deteriorated chimney that needs to be extended. Or, you may be installing a new wood stove that requires the chimney height to be taller. Either way, this kit will include the most common components needed to extend your masonry chimney. Choose which options are needed for your installation and find their details below. All you will need to add are the Rock-Vent Chimney Pipe lengths.

Included in the Masonry Chimney Kit is the standard rain cap and transition plate. From there, you will need to choose the proper chimney liner length, optional tee connector, optional flashing, and optional roof brace. Most installations will need all of these options. You will find the Chimney Pipe Lengths you need here at this link.

Included Component Details

The included Transition Plate connects our Rock-Vent Class A to our Rock-Flex Stainless Steel Chimney Liner. Use the Transition Plate when you plan to reline the masonry chimney with our flexible chimney liner. Plate measures 18" x 18". If you do not plan to reline the masonry chimney, you should use the Rock-Vent Anchor Plate instead of the Transition Plate.

The Transition Plate will need to be sealed with silicone and mortared into place. To further secure the Transition Plate in place, use masonry anchors on each of the four corners. Please see the installation manual for full instructions.

The included Standard Chimney Cap is stainless steel and will attached seamlessly to our Rock-Vent Class A Chimney Pipe sections. Simple to install with quick connect clamp.

Optional Component Details

The 316Ti Stainless Steel Flexible Chimney Liner will be connected to the bottom of the Transition Plate to reline the existing chimney. Choose the correct length for your installation. Diameter size should match the size of the Class A chimney pipe you are using.

The stainless steel Flex Liner Tee Connector is used to terminate the flexible chimney liner at the bottom of the chimney where the chimney thimble is located. The Tee Connector includes a 10" long snout that will pass through the chimney thimble and will connect to your stove pipe. Longer length tee snouts are available on our Flex Liner Components page. Watch the Tee Connector Installation Video here at this link.

The Roof Brace is highly recommended for any installation. However, it is required when you have more than 5 feet of chimney coming through the roof. The Roof Brace will clamp around the Rock-Vent Chimney Pipe and features two telescoping poles that will install on the roof. The Roof Brace helps to stabilize the chimney pipe.

The Galvalume Roof Flashing is used when the masonry chimney is terminated below the roof line. The Rock-Vent Class A Chimney Pipe will be attached to the top of the transition plate and will pass through the roof. The Flashing helps prevent water from coming into this space where the pipe is passing through the roof. The Flashing includes a Storm Collar that will install around the chimney pipe with a bead of silicone to seal the gap between the pipe and Flashing. Choose between the Standard Flashing for shingled roofs or the Metal Flashing for metal roofs. Choose the correct range for your roof pitch. For example, if you have a 4/12 roof pitch, you would need to choose the 0/12 to 6/12 Flashing.

Installation Instructions:

Rock-Vent Class A Installation Instructions

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