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Rock-Vent Pellet Pipe Harman P-Series Stove Collar Adapter

The P-Series Harman Stove Collar is used to connect your Harman P-Series Pellet Stove to our Rock-Vent Pellet Stove Pipe. Two convenient lengths are available: 2" and 6.375".

As low as $59.99

Use the P-Series Harman Stove Collar Adapter to connect Rock-Vent Pellet Stove Pipe to a Harman P-Series stove. The Harman P-Series stoves do not have an exhaust hole on the back of the unit. The Harman Stove Collar Adapter will attach directly to the back of the stove and transition directly to the 3" Rock-Vent Pellet Stove Pipe. The Harman Stove Collar Adapter does not require an extra stove adapter. The mounting collar comes with a high temperature gasket to ensure a leak free connection.

Available in two convenient lengths: 2" length or 6.375" length. Use the 6.375" if your hopper will obstruct the pellet pipe configuration. Note: The Harman Stove Collar adapter is only to be used with Harman P-Series Stoves.

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