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Rock-Vent Pellet Pipe Slip Sections

Rock-Vent Pellet Pipe Slip Sections adjust to the exact needed length for your pellet stove pipe installation. Slip sections create an easy installation and allow you to position your pellet stove exactly where you want it!

As low as $54.99

Are you in need of a certain pipe length but are having trouble getting it just right? Rock-Vent Pellet Pipe 304L inner / Galvalume outer offers the industry's best slip sections for a perfect run of pipe every time. No need to move your stove, the telescoping slip sections give you endless possibilities of where the stove can be placed. The slip sections only slide over standard length pipes and are available in three convenient lengths: 6" , 9" and 16".


  • Choose between unpainted galvalume outer or painted black galvalume outer
  • Telescope your pipe length to the exact length needed
  • Choose between 6", 9", and 16" slip sections
  • Creates an easy installation without having to move your pellet stove

Note: Pipe overlap for Rock-Vent Pellet Vent pipe is 1.5 inches. Slip Sections can only be installed on our Pellet Vent standard pipe sections.

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