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Pellet Vent & B-Vent Chimney Pipe

Rock-Vent Pellet Chimney Pipe is used to safely vent your pellet burning stove or B-Vent listed appliance. U.L. listed with a 1" clearance to combustibles by ULC/ORD-C441. Our pellet chimney pipe is fabricated with a unique gasket seal system which doesn't require sealant like many other brands on the market today. Easy to install with a perfectly round pipe to pipe connection every time.

Typical Use & Summary:

  • Used to safely vent your pellet stove for a direct vent through-the-wall install, to vent vertically through combustibles, or as connector stove pipe
  • Used to safely vent your B-Vent listed appliance - low efficiency gas appliances
  • Provides 1" clearance to combustible materials for an easy installation

You Might be Looking For:

  • Wood Burning Stove Pipe
    Single wall or double wall black stove pipe is used for wood or gas stove connector pipe. Not intended to pass through combustibles.

  • Class A Chimney Pipe
    Used to safely vent wood, gas, or oil burning appliances through combustibles when you don't have a masonry chimney.

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