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Rock-Vent Pellet Pipe Wall Pass-Thru

Use the Rock-Vent Pellet Pipe Wall Pass-Thru for a through-the-wall installation. Adjustable to accommodate wall thickness from 4" to 9".

As low as $86.99

The Rock-Vent Pellet Pipe Wall Pass-Thru is used for through-the-wall installations. The Wall Pass-Thru is adjustable to accommodate various wall thicknesses ranging from 4 to 9 inches. The interior cover plate features a painted black surface for a professional & finished look inside the home. The exterior cover plate is galvalume. The Wall Pass-Thru is most commonly used with a tee connector when the pellet pipe needs to run up the exterior side of the home / structure.

If the outside of the structure is aluminum or vinyl siding, you need to use the Siding Trim Kit along with the Wall Pass-Thru to ensure a leak-free pass thru.

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