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Chimney Pipe Adapters & Accessories

Specialty chimney adapters and accessories for chimney pipes. Our parts enable you to make easy connections for your installation. Check out the selection of chimney pipe accessories to help with chimney cleaning, inspection, and fire starting.

Typical Use & Summary:

  • Many chimney adapters help reduce floor and wall clearances or allow you to pass through combustible walls
  • Chimney accessories such as our clean-out doors ensure your chimney is accessible and sealed from the outdoor elements
  • Thermometers monitor how your wood stove is performing - using a wood stove without a thermometer is comparable to driving without a speedometer!
  • Cedar Fire Starters are one of our most loved products. Easily and quickly start your fire without the chemicals found in low-grade fire starters.

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  1. Stove Board Hearth Extender
    Stove Board Hearth Extender
    As low as $84.99

    The HY-C Type 2 Stove Board / Hearth Extender will protect the floor from heat and sparks. Available in four different color patterns.

  2. Insulated Chimney Thimble
    Insulated Chimney Thimble
    As low as $229.99

    The Insulated Chimney Thimble is intended for use in conjunction with any residential and building heating appliance burning gas, liquid, or solid fuels. The thimble adjusts to accommodate wall thicknesses 5" to 14".

  3. Safe-T Thimble
    Safe-T Thimble
    As low as $255.00

    This thimble is UL listed and allows you to pass your single wall stovepipe through a combustible wall. It provides protection from the heat when the connector is passing through a combustible wall.

  4. Insulated Cast Aluminum Clean Out Access Door
    Insulated Cast Aluminum Clean Out Access Door
    As low as $89.99

    These insulated clean-out/access doors from Lyemance are available in three sizes. The clean-out doors are not recommended for smoke chambers. Easy to install aluminum chimney door.

  5. Round Chimney Brush with Cleaning Rods
    Round Chimney Brush with Cleaning Rods
    As low as $89.99

    Use this poly brush to clean all stainless steel flexible or rigid liners that are used to vent wood, coal, gas and oil. Poly Brushes are made of .075” stiff, black, polypropylene bristles.

5 Items

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