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WeatherShield Chimney Cap - Non Air Cooled

A unique alternative to the traditional chimney cap. Its 304 stainless steel construction assures corrosion resistance to weather and hostile flue gas.

As low as $99.99
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A unique alternative to the traditional chimney cap. Its 304 stainless steel construction assures superior corrosion resistance to weather and the hostile flue gas environment. Despite adverse weather, the WeatherShield will not rust. For use with solid pack Class A, masonry and single wall chimneys to keep the rain, snow, leaves and animals out, but keeps sparks in. 1/2" or 1" mesh screens are available. Please note if ordering 1/2" mesh screen, it will take an extra 3-7 business days to ship.

An added feature is the removable mesh screen that provides a measure of safety by helping to contain sparks.100% stainless steel construction assures long life and rust-free performance. WeatherShield® features “spring fit” for easy installation and fast removal for chimney cleaning.

Optional: Convert your WeatherShield into a StormShield to keep out hard driving rains. This simply replaces the lid on your WeatherShield chimney cap - easy install! It is removable for quick inspection and cleaning. Also functions similar to a Vacu-Stack when there are wind related downdrafts. Wind-induced downdraft can cause smoke to enter the living space and the StormShield will help reduce the effects.


WeatherShield® helps maintain a chimney's optimum performance by keeping out:

  • Rain and snow
  • Squirrels, birds, and other animals
  • Leaves and other debris


Inside Flue Diameter Lid Size Diameter
3" 8"
4" 8"
5" 13"
6" 13"
7" 13"
8" 13"
9" 16"
10" 16"
11" 19"
12" 19"

SIZES: Custom sizes available up to 48". Please contact us for price, shipping time, and specifications.
CHIMNEY TYPES: Single wall, solid pack, insulated, Class A, B vent, and square or rectangular masonry chimneys using Masonry Adapter.

Installation Instructions:

Weathershield Install Step 1

Step 1: Assembling the WeatherShield. Move hoop upwards to vertical position and remove wing nut. Center the screen on the bottom plate. Position the top plate so screw at top of hoop passes through center hole of top plate. Secure with the wing nut as shown.

Weathershield Install Step 2

Step 2: Fitting the WeatherShield inside the flue. WeatherShield chimney caps spring fit inside the round metal or masonry flue. Squeeze the bottom of the WeatherShield and push down into the flue to assure snug fit.

Weathershield Install Step 3

Step 3: Applying a Watertight Seal. Apply a thin layer of chimney silicone caulking to seal joint between WeatherShield and top of chimney. The chimney silicone is an optional add-on for this product.

Weathershield Install Step 4

Step 4: Final Positioning of the WeatherShield. Push the WeatherShield chimney cap down firmly into the chimney section to make sure final connection is tight and secure. If you are installing on rectangle or square flues, please visit the masonry adapter page.

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