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Contractor Network Zone

Tape MeasuringRockford Chimney Supply works directly with contractors and homeowners to supply both with superior products and technical advice. We are equipped to help anyone that contacts us about their chimney project. However, some homeowners prefer to have the job done by an installer. This is why we've created the Contractor Zone for homeowners and contractors to connect based on their location.

Contractors and Homeowners: If you have questions about your installation, please contact us at 866-708-2446 we are happy to help.

Choose one of the boxes below if you are a contractor and want to be part of our program or if you are a homeowner looking for an installer in our network. Ready, set, go - Let's get your project started!

I'm a Contractor I'm a Homeowner

Learn more about becoming a partner in our Contractor Program. Fill out a quick form with your business information to start earning more install leads, discount codes, and access to our online resources!

Don't want to do the job yourself? You can use this tool to find an installer in your area sorted by your location.


Are you a Do It Yourselfer? Our Certified Technicians are on standby to help you plan your installation. Please give us a call at 866-708-2446 or email [email protected] with your questions.

Not a Do It Yourselfer? No worries. You can use the option above "I'm a Homeowner" to find a contractor from our network in your area!


Are you looking for more local exposure for your chimney services? How about product discounts and a technical resource to have on hand? The answer from most service companies is YES. Sign up for the Contractor Network Program by clicking the "I'm a Contractor" link above.