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Cupolas and Weathervanes: Installation Instructions


Begin by measuring and clearly marking where the center of each cupola will be located. Be sure not to locate it over a supporting rafter. If you plan on ventilating, cut an appropriate size hole centered at the marked cupola location.

cupola installation diagram Next cut the pitch and attach the base. Each base is molded with standard 3/12, 4/12 and 5/12 putch lines indicated. (Base can be cut up to an 8/12 pitch if necessary.) If you don't know the pitch of your roof, you can take two strips of cardboard or two rulers and set them, on edge, down opposite sides of the ridge. Hold them together at the top and carefully lift them from the roof while maintaining the angle. Transfer the angle to both sides of the cupola by tracing the angle formed under the strips/rulers. Cut the cupola along the molded indicators or the pitch line you have marked.

Center the cupola over the mark/hole, drill pilot holes (if desired) and fasten it using appropriate fasteners (4 per side are recommended). Finally, install the weathervane by threading the mast into the top of the cupola. Attach directionals (if included) and place ornament on top. With properly installed cupolas, any building will be enhanced and will remain beautiful for years to come.


weathervane assembly partsAssembly is a breeze...
Each weathervane consists of: Ornament, Wind Cups, Directionals and Pole.

  • Simply slide the Directional down the Pole to the stopper and tighten screw.
  • Follow with the Wind Cups (be sure to keep the small side of the nut down).
  • Top it off by sliding the Ornament onto the thin shaft of the Pole.
  • Tighten screw on the mount at desired height.
  • If using the Adapter Mount, mount the weathervane by screwing the mount into the threads of the cupola top.
  • If using the Roof Mount, bend the mounts to conform to the roof pitch and fasten into the roof or desired mount location using screws through the pre-drilled holes.