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Cupolas and Weathervanes: Size Guide

Selecting the Ideal Cupola Size

Proportions are important when choosing the ideal size cupola for your building. Generally, a cupola that has one inch of base for every foot of uninterrupted roofline will provide a pleasing accent. For example, a Model 220 (22" base) would look best on a 22' uninterrupted roofline. Placing a similar sized cardboard box on the roofline and viewing it from the ground is another way to determine what size and location are best for your particular situation.

Cupola and Weathervane

  • Model 220 is the most popular size and is great for mid-sized buildings such as garages and small barns and storage buildings.
  • Model 320 is the perfect size for large building such as barns, utility buildings and larger garages.
  • Model 420 is the best choice for very large buildings such as stores, pole-barns and warehouses.

A combination of cupola sizes can also be used.

Choosing the Ideal Number of Cupolas 

Again, one inch of cupola base for every foot of uninterrupted rooline is a good guideline. For example, if you have 43' of uninterrupted roofline, you could install either one Model 420 (42" base) or two Model 220s (22" base).

Cupola Model 420