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DuraVent Direct Vent Pro Elbow

DuraVent Direct Vent Pro Elbows are perfect for offsetting the pipe for unique installations. Available in fixed 45 degree and 90 degree elbows in either black or galvanized finish.

As low as $52.99

The DuraVent Direct Vent Pro Elbows can assist in a wide range of installations. The elbows are great to make the turn to vent horizontally through the wall. They are also great for offsetting the pipe around a beam for vertical venting. Our 45 and 90 degree elbows are available in either black or galvanized finish. The elbows are able to swivel around the pipe while still remaining a tight connection to allow the elbow to be positioned in any direction. The elbows will remain in a fixed position at either 45 or 90 degree angle. Note: Refer to fireplace manufacturer's Owners Manual to see the maximum number of elbows approved for the appliance.

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