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Fireplace Accessories

All of the important accessories that go along with wood burning found here in one place. You can count on us to bring you only the highest quality and functional fireplace accessories. From moisture meters to hearth gloves, we have all the accessories you could need for your wood burning fireplace.

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  1. Wood Stove Accessory Tool Kit
    Wood Stove Accessory Tool Kit

    The best wood stove accessories put into one perfect package. Great for you or as a gift to the wood-burner in your life! Helps you run your wood stove safely and efficiently.

  2. Kindling Cracker - Kindling Wood Splitter
    Kindling Cracker - Kindling Wood Splitter

    The best way to cut wood kindling is safely and easily with the Kindling Cracker! Extremely easy to use. A great tool to add to your collection or gift to a friend or family member.

  3. Smokeguard for Fireplace
    Smokeguard for Fireplace
    As low as $64.99

    Most fireplaces smoke because the opening is too high. Smokeguard lowers the fireplace opening, holds in smoke and easily corrects the problem. Available in brass and black to fit fireplaces 28 1/2" to 48" wide.

  4. Stove Board Hearth Extender
    Stove Board Hearth Extender
    As low as $84.99

    The HY-C Type 2 Stove Board / Hearth Extender will protect the floor from heat and sparks. Available in four different color patterns.

  5. Self Feeding Cast Iron Fireplace Grate
    Self Feeding Cast Iron Fireplace Grate

    Uses gravity to 'feed' burning logs to the grate bottom ember bed. The deep contoured design allows for more effective burning and more efficient heating than traditional fireplace grates.

  6. Fireplace Grate
    Fireplace Grate
    As low as $79.00

    Use a fireplace grate to burn wood in a fireplace to allow air to flow underneath the logs. Without proper airflow, you will not be able to maintain a fire. Three sizes available.

  7. Black Ash Can
    Black Ash Can

    An ash can provides for an easy clean up! Sometimes ash clean up is a dreadful task, but the ash can makes the job much easier. Includes shovel.

7 Items

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