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Napoleon Acies 38 Linear Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Single Sided OR See Thru Option

Max Output: 24,000 BTU/h

Starting at $3299

As low as $3,299.00

The Acies 38 Napoleon Direct Vent Gas Fireplace is a sleek, linear design that offers a multitude of different options that allow you to tailor the fireplace to your style. Choose between the single sided model or see through model for an array of style options for your space. See thru models are great to maximize the space to view the fireplace. The new Divinity Flame Pattern is truly beautiful and creates an elegant and realistic flame pattern. The radiant glow underneath the clear glass bead ember bed provides a gorgeous setting for the various media options available. Choose from Premium Birch, Contemporary Logs, Beach Fire, Shore Fire, Mineral Rock, or the new Nickel Stix Designer Fire as the media kit. Possibilities are endless with all the options that are available for the Acies 38 Linear Gas Fireplace.

The Acies Gas Fireplace comes standard with a Black Safety Barrier. Upgrade to the Brushed Stainless Steel Safety Barrier for a more contemporary look. Or, add either the Brushed Stainless Steel or Classic Black Surround to enhance the look of the fireplace. For a sleek style, choose either a 1" Brushed Stainless Steel or Cassic Black Trim.

This unit allows for manual Hi/Lo flame adjustment. Or, add the on/off handheld remote which allows you to turn the fireplace on or off from up to 20 feet away. A conversion kit is available to convert the fireplace to burn propane. Not only is this fireplace gorgeous, this unit kicks out 24,000 BTU's which offers an amazing amount of heat to your room. Add the reflective radiant panels to enhance the flames by reflecting the light. The style options are endless with the Acies 38 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace.


  • Up to 24,000 BTU's
  • Manual high/low flame adjustment
  • Fuel saving electronic ignition with battery backup
  • Easy access air control for fast and precise shutter adjustment
  • Divinity flame pattern provides heightened flames and lower flame valleys
  • Optional On-Off remote available

Specifications & Manual:

Napoleon Acies 38 Direct Vent Fireplace Manual

Napoleon Acies 38 Direct Vent Fireplace Specifications

Napoleon Acies Direct Vent Fireplace Brochure

Napoleon Acies 38 Direct Vent Fireplace Specifications
Actual Depth (L38N Single Sided) 17 11/16"
Actual Depth (L38N2 See Thru) 16 3/16"
Actual Height (L38N & L38N2) 41 3/16"
Actual Width (L38N & L38N2) 53 5/16"
Viewing Area 18 5/8" x 40 3/4"
Framing Depth (L38N Single Sided) 17 15/16"
Framing Depth (L38N2 See Thru) 16 3/16"
Framing Height (L38N & L38N2) 73"
Framing Width (L38N & L38N2) 53 13/16"
BTU's 24,000
Approved Chimney Brands Wolf Steel, Simpson Dura-Vent, Selkirk Direct Temp, American Metal Amerivent, Metal-Fab
Chimney System Diameter 5"
Air Intake System Diameter 8"
Warranty Limited Lifetime

Safety Barrier Option Details

Brushed Stainless Steel Surround With Premium Safety Barrier

The Brushed Stainless Steel Surround with Safety Barrier is a great addition to truly make the fireplace stand out in the room. This contemporary surround is fabricated out of a brushed stainless steel which provides an industrial, sleek appearance. You will not need any trim to go along with the surround and a safety barrier is included.

Classic Black Surround With Premium Safty Barrier

The Classic Black Surround is a classic look that will enhance the sleek design of this gas fireplace in any room it is in. The Black Surround will look nice in virtually any room. You will not need a trim or a safety barrier when choosing the surround. The surround acts as the trim kit and also comes with a safety barrier.

Brushed Stainless Steel Standard Safety Barrier

Looking to enhance the look of the Acies gas fireplace? The Brushed Stainless Steel Standard Front with Safety Barrier is for you. The brushed stainless steel adds color and dimension to the gas fireplace. The standard front comes along with a safety barrier as well.

Optional Accessory Details:

1" Finishing Trim

Not planning on bringing the finish material all the way to the fireplace? The 1" trim is perfect for you. This can seal the gap between the finish material and the fireplace. This also provides a professional look even if the finish material is brought right against the fireplace. The trim is offered in stainless steel or classic black finish.

Mirro-Flame Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels

The Mirro-Flame Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels are a great addition that enhances the beauty of the flames. The reflective panels will add more light from the fireplace making it even more mezmorizing. Before you know it, the flames will have you hypnotized.

Conversion Kit, Natural gas to Propane

Do you not have natural gas in your area? No problem. The conversion kit will allow you to connect propane to the fireplace. This is perfect for homes that are trying to live off the grid while still having a modern gas fireplace to enjoy. The conversion kit easily attaches to the fireplace providing an orifice to connect to a propane line.

Remote Control On-Off With Digital Screen

Looking for the easiest way to turn on your Napoleon Acies 38 gas fireplace? The F45 hand held remote control allows you to turn the gas log set on or off from up to 20' away from the fireplace. No need to reach inside the fireplace to manually light the logs, just press the on-off button from anywhere. A floor or wall mount receiver is included to activate the fire. Batteries are included.

Optional Media Details:

Nickel Stix Designer Fire Art

The Nickel Stix Designer Fire Art is a contemporary choice to replace the logs, giving the fireplace a truly unique design. The Stix design will reflect the light from the flames, making for a very unique fire media. This is sure to be the focal point of any room and would fit in well with a contemporary setting.

Media Tray

The media tray is required for the following media kits: Shore Fire Kit, Mineral Rock Kit, Contemporary Log Kit, Birch Log Kit, and Beach Fire Kit. The media tray will allow these various kit to be properly placed and installed.

Shore Fire Kit

The Shore Fire Kit comes along with stones, sand, glass and embers that gives the look of a fire at the beach. The Shore Fire Kit can also be added to the different log sets to create a more scenic fire. The media tray is required.

Mineral Rock Kit

The Mineral Rock Kit is a unique, contemporary media kit. The stones actually appear to be on fire. The rocks sit directly on the glass media for a one-of-a-kind media design. The Mineral Rock Kit can be added to the Shore Fire Kit to add more stones and media to the fireplace. The media tray is required.

Beach Fire Kit

The Beach Fire Log Kit is the perfect choice to make you feel like you are sitting at the beach around a fire. The realistic log set looks like old weathered beach wood. You will actually think this is real wood. Add the Shore Fire Kit along with the Beach Logs and really enhance the look of the log set. The media tray is required.

Birch Log Kit

If you have ever driven through Northern Michigan, you know the beauty of a Birch tree. When you start to see the white bark tree, you just know that you are in the beauty of Up North. The Birch Log Kit is a great choice and will give the fireplace that "up north feel". The media tray is required.

Contemporary Log Kit

The Contemporary Log Set is a bright log set that is not like most traditional log sets. The logs appear as if they were pulled from the middle of the desert. The Contemporary Log Set truly does not look like any other log set in the industry. The media tray is required.

Installation Examples:

Top Vent Installation as either horizontal or vertical termination, using the chimney pipe system requirements in the manual. See page 13 - 22 in the manual for more information.

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