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Wood Burning Inserts

Our wood burning inserts are offered in a variety of sizes and styles to fit virtually any home. With square footage heating capacity ranging from 500 sq. ft. to 2700 sq. ft. we are sure to have the perfect size for any home. Simply install a stainless steel chimney liner kit to connect to your new wood burning fireplace insert you are ready to start burning.

Pellet Inserts

Tired of splitting, stacking and dragging wood logs through your home? Then a pellet burning insert is perfect for you. Simply load the hopper and enjoy up to 40 hours of warmth from just one load. With heating capacity up to 2000 square feet, we are sure to have a pellet insert perfect for your home. Simply install a stainless steel chimney liner to your new pellet fireplace insert and you are ready to start burning.

Gas Inserts

If you have dreamed of turning your fireplace on with the flick of a switch, then a gas fireplace insert is the perfect solution. Simply add a thermostat and the gas insert can virtually run by itself. Gas burning fireplace inserts can turn old messy traditional fireplaces into a clean and hands free fireplace that will also compliment your homes decor.