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Osburn 1700 Wood Burning Stove

Approx. Heating Area: 500 - 1,800 sq. ft.
Max Output: 65,000 BTU/h
Pedestal & Leg Options
Starting at $1499


The Osburn 1700 wood stove is freestanding and provides several options for the bottom supports to fit any style. Choices include traditional legs, structural legs for a more sleek design, or pedestal model. All options include an ash pan for easy cleanup and maintenance. Designed to heat your smaller spaces from 500 to 1,800 square feet. Although this is marketed as a smaller wood stove, it does not lack heating capacity with 65,000 BTU/h heat output, high density fire bricks, cast iron door, and top heat deflector to redirect heat to the front of the unit towards the room. Furthermore, the Osburn 1700 wood stove features side panels that reduce its clearances to combustibles. Again, thought for smaller spaces was key in designing this particular wood stove!


    • High-efficiency appliance 2020 EPA approved
    • Recommended heating area : 500 - 1,800 square feet
    • Color: Black
    • Maximum log length : 18"
    • Overall firebox volume : 1.9
    • Non-catalytic combustion technology
    • Optimum efficiency : 78%
    • Emissions (grams/hour) : 1.26 g/h
    • Baffle : High heat-resistant C-cast
    • Maximum burn time : 6 hours
    • Firebox lined with refractory bricks for better heat distribution
    • Stainless-steel secondary-air system improving gas combustion
    • Recommended chimney diameter : 6"

Specifications & Manual

Osburn 1700 Wood Stove Manual

Osburn 1700 Wood Stove Dimensions

Osburn 1700 Wood Stove Specifications
Depth - Overall 23 1/4"
Height - Overall 30 3/8"
Width - Overall 24 7/8"
Firebox dimensions (Depth) 13 1/2"
Firebox dimensions (Width) 19 5/8"
Firebox dimensions (Height) 11 7/8"
Type of Fuel Wood
Maximum log length 18"
Log positioning Over width
Recommended Heating Area (sq. ft.) 500-1,800
Door opening dimensions (Width) 17 1/4"
Door opening dimensions (Height) 8 3/4"
Type of Door Single, glass with cast iron frame
Glass Surface 15 3/4" x 9 3/8"
Weight 331 lb (150 kg)
Firebox volume (cu. ft.) 1.9
Recommended chimney diameter 6"
Minimum chimney height (feet) 15'
Minimum floor protection in front of unit 18" CAN/16"USA
Glass Type Ceramic glass
Center line of flue outlet to the back 6 5/8"
Center line of flue outlet to the side 12 1/2"
Maximum output - EPA test wood 23,300 BTU/h
Maximum output - seasoned cord wood 65,000 BTU/h
Steel thickness (top) 5/16"
Optimum efficiency 78%
Emissions (grams/hour) 1.26 g/h
Baffle High heat-resistant C-cast
Canadian Standard (emissions) CSA B415.1-10
USA standard (emissions) EPA
Canadian Standard (safety) ULC-S628
USA standard (safety) UL 1482/UL 737
Warranty Limited lifetime

Minimum Clearances to Combustibles

Osburn 1700 Wood Stove Minimum Clearances to Combustibles*
Single Wall Stove Pipe Double Wall Stove Pipe
Clearance - back wall 13" US / 14 1/2" CA 6" US / 6" CA
Clearance - placed in a corner 12" US / 12" CA 12" US / 12" CA
Clearance - side wall 10" US / 10" CA 10" US / 10" CA
Clearance – top (measured from the platform on which the appliance is installed)** 84" US / 84" CA 84" US / 84" CA
Clearance - minimum floor protection in front of the fireplace 16" US / 18" CA 16" US / 18" CA
* The information given on the certification label affixed to the appliance always overrides the information published in any other media (owner's manual, catalogues, flyers, magazines and/or web sites).
** Some appliances have been tested with a low ceiling. Before setting up your unit, refer to the installation manual.

Leg Kit or Pedestal Option Details

Black Cast Iron Leg with Ash Drawer Kit

The ornamental black cast iron legs give the stove a more traditional appearance. The legs are 10.5" tall. The width between the legs measures 25.875" and the depth leg measurement is 17.875". The legs come along with an ash drawer which makes for convenient cleaning.

Pedestal with Ash Pan

The pedestal option is a more modern stove look. The pedestal can often hide an unsightly fresh air intake behind the stove. The base of the pedestal measures 11.875" height, 23.375" wide, and 14.875" depth. The pedestal option also comes with a large ash drawer for convenient cleaning.

Brushed Nickel Plated Cast Iron Leg with Ash Pan Kit

The brushed nickel plated cast iron legs are an ornamental leg kit that provides a traditional look for the stove. Paired with the nickel plated door, you will really enhance the look of the stove. The legs measure 10.5" tall, 25.875" wide distance between and 17.875" between them in depth. The leg kit comes along with an ash drawer for convenient cleaning.

Black Cast Iron Structural Style Leg Kit with Ash Drawer

The black cast iron structural legs give the stove a more modern look. Sleek and contemporary would be the best way to describe the structural legs. The legs measure 10.125" tall, 24.5" wide distance between and 17.625" depth distance between. The leg kit comes along with an ash drawer for convenient cleaning.

Brushed Nickel Plated Cast Iron Structural Style Leg Kit with Ash Drawer

The structural leg kit is also available in the brush nickel plated finish. Paired with the brushed nickel door, this will give the stove a very modern and contemporary look. The legs measure 10.125 tall, 24.5" wide distance between and 17.625 depth distance between.

Optional Accessory Details

130CFM Blower with Variable Speed Control (Thermodisc included)

Add the optional 130 CFM blower to enhance the overall heating performance of the stove. The blower comes with a thermal disk that will turn the blower on when the stove gets up to temperature and will also turn the blower off once the stove has cooled down. You will not have to worry about hearing the blower, the fan is extremely quiet.Link to 130 CFM Blower Manual

5" Fresh Air Intake Kit

A fresh air intake is great for any stove. This will ensure the stove has the proper combustion air to run efficiently. If your home is very air tight, you would need an air intake kit. The kit comes with the intake adapter for the stove, 2 clamps and the hood register for outside. A 5" fresh air pipe is required to complete the job. Link to Fresh Air Intake Kit for Legs Manual | Link to Fresh Air Intake Kit for Pedestal Manual

5" x 4' Insulated Flex Pipe for Fresh Air Intake Kit

The insulated flexible fresh air intake pipe is the perfect choice for adding fresh air to the stove. Measuring 4' in length and 5" diameter, can be used for going straight out of the wall behind the stove. The insulation will help prevent the air intake from being cold in the room. A fresh air intake kit is necessary to finish the installation. A fresh air intake must be installed when installing the Matrix in a mobile home.


The rigid firescreen allows you to burn wood in the stove with the door open just like an old-time fireplace. Hear the crackle of the wood, watch the flames dance around in the firebox, and relax around the wood stove on a cold winter's night. The rigid firescreen is easy to install and easy to remove when you are ready to load more wood. The stove should not be burning with the door open without the firescreen.

Glass Ash Lip

The glass ash lip is intended to sit in the ash lip to give the stove a more modern look. The glow of the fire on the ash lip will also enhance the ambiance of the stove.

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