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Ventis Vented Gas Log Set Additional Media

The additional media kits are available to add decor to your Ventis gas log sets. Options include pincones, acorns, sand, and other granule options.

As low as $94.99

Looking to spruce up and personalize your gas log set? Choose between the Decor Pack or the Refresher Pack to do just the trick!

Decor Pack

The Decor Pack with Bryte Coals will accent your log set perfectly. Natural looking acorns, pinecones, and small pieces of wood will add to the aesthetics of the log set. Bryte Coals are included to truly make the ember bed glow.

Refresher Pack

The Refresher Pack is available for both natural gas and propane burners and includes everything you need to bring your ember bed back to life. Or, for you to personalize the log set as you prefer. Sand, ember glow, lava-fyre granules, vermiculite granules and acorn decor are all included in the Refresher Pack.

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