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Insulation Mix Instructions

Precautionary Measuresinsulation mix

Avoid Creating Dust
Equip Mixers with Dust Covers
Provide Respiratory Protection
Maintain Adequate Ventilation
Avoid Contact with Skin and Eyes

Directions for use

1. Have clean mixing container such as a mortar pan or mixer.
2. Do not add any ingredients to prepared EverGuard" Insulating Mix.
3. Do not overmix.
4. Follow your liner's installation instructions.
5. Avoid excessive water, so that mix flows freely from mixing container. (Too much water causes clumping.)
6. Do not pack or tamp the mix.

EverGuard® Insulating Mix is delivered in a strong poly-lined bag, containing all ingredients except water, which must be added to moisten the material.

Proper consistency is achieved when the material feels damp but is still granular, (4 to 7 gals. of water/bag). Too much water causes clumping.

TEST: When a handful of properly moistened EverGuard® Insulating Mix is squeezed hard, little or no water appears between the fingers.

During the installation, correctly prepared EverGuard® Insulating Mix pours like "loose fill". EverGuard® Insulating Mix is distributed within the chimney cavity by vibrating the liner and should not be tamped down.

The insulating material must be 6" below the crown to allow for vertical thermal expansion. Be sure no insulation mix has fallen into the liner.

Heating appliance or fireplace can be fired after installation. Keep flue gas temperatures below 700 degrees F for a period of three weeks to allow for a gradual drying process of the insulating material.

NOTE: The EverGuard® family of chimney liners have installation instructions included with the liners providing product specific instructions for this task.

Net Weight 45 lbs.

Store in a dry place

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