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Outdoor Living

Outdoor Fire Pits & Fire Places

Outdoor Fire Pits are trending these days and come in all styles and sizes! "Wow" your guests at an evening party or relax with a loved one next to a Rockford Chimney Supply fire pit. All of our fire pits are quality made and ship free to your door.

Pizza Ovens

Outdoor Pizza Ovens are gaining in popularity and it's obvious why! Imagine, sitting outside on a beautiful day with friends cooking delicious pizzas in a reliable, high quality pizza oven. Sounds like a perfect day to us! We've put these pizza ovens to the test and we're 100% impressed. Whether you would like a portable pizza oven or stationary (coming soon!), we've got the perfect oven for you.

Chiminea and Fire Pit Accessories

From chiminea covers and deck pads for underneath your chiminea to firestarters and chiminea screens, we have everything you could need to start enjoying your outdoor fireplace.