Napoleon High Country 3000 Wood Fireplace

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Napoleon High Country 3000 Wood Fireplace

Napoleon High Country 3000 Wood Fireplace

Napoleon High Country 3000 Wood Fireplace

Napoleon High Country 3000 Wood Fireplace


Up to 60,000 BTU's

Up to 60,000 BTU's


Product Details:

The Napoleon NZ3000H-1 Zero Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace offers state of the art burning technology that is eco-friendly and provides powerful heating capacity. This hybrid zero clearance fireplace utilizes secondary combustion air as well as a catalytic combustor that has an impressively low emissions rating of 1.38g/h. The integrated digital catalyst temperature monitor allows you to easily monitor the firebox temperature to ensure you are operating the fireplace in the optimal temperature range to provide the lowest emission possible. The less emissions you are burning also mean less creosote is being accumulated in the chimney, making the chimney cleaning easier.

The large 2.3 cubic ft. firebox allows the NZ3000H fireplace to handle up to a 25" log (east/west loading) with an extremely long 17 hour burn time with one load of wood. Producing up to 60,000 BTUs makes the NZ3000H capable of heating up to 3000 sq. ft. The Napoleon NZ3000H is controlled by a single lever, most other catalytic stoves and fireplaces have two controls, one for the bypass door and one for the catalyst. With the NZ3000H-1 you simply pull the bypass rod out and slightly lift up to close the bypass door to engage the catalyst, to disengage the catalyst push the bypass rod in to open the bypass door.

The large double arched doors are available in Black or Painted Wrought Iron finish with a large 27 3/8" wide by 17" height glass viewing area to gaze at the beauty of the fire. An innovative optional 350 CFM blower is available to increase the air circulation in the home while providing additional heat to the room. The Napoleon NZ3000H-1 zero clearance wood burning fireplace is the ideal eco-friendly fireplace that is sure to add elegance to any home while providing endless heat in the cold winter months. The state of the art burn technology and trusted Napoleon craftsmanship will allow many future generations to enjoy the unmatched beauty the Napoleon NZ3000H-1 creates.

    Specifications & Manual

    Napoleon High Country 3000 Wood Fireplace Manual

    Napoleon High Country 3000 Wood Fireplace Blower Manual

    Napoleon High Country 3000 Wood Fireplace Specifications

    Napoleon High Country 3000 Wood Fireplace
    Chamber (D.W.H.) 13.75” x 25.75” x 12.5” (349mm x 654mm x 318mm)
    Viewing Area 391.22in² (2524cm²)
    Capacity 2.3 Cubic Feet (0.07 Cubic Meter)
    Approximate Area Heated Up to 3,000 Square Feet (279 Square Meter)
    Heat Output 60,000 BTU (17.6 KW)
    Duration Low Fire 17 hrs
    Weight 551 lbs (249.9kg)
    Ideal Wood Length 25” (63.5cm)
    Optional Blower 318 CFM
    Combustion Air Inside or Outside
    Electrical Draw <12 Amps
    Heat Output Range 14,215 to 42,203 BTU
    Minimum Stack Height 15 feet (4.5m)
    Efficiency Standard B415.1-10
    Overall Efficiency 67.90%
    HHV 63.42%
    LHV 68.55%
    Product Height (in) 48”
    Product Width (in) 29.25"
    Glass / Viewing Height (in) 17”
    Glass / Viewing Width (in) 12.5”
    Framing Depth 29 1/2"
    Framing Height 43 3/8"
    Framing Width 42 1/2" 



    • Catalytic Converter
    • Digital Catalyst Temperature Monitor
    • Presidents Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Advanced Airwash System
    • Cast iron bypass door and baffle
    • Cast Iron Front Doors
    • Black Andirons
    • 25" Log Length
    • 17 Hour Burn Time

    Help & Documents:

    Required Surround and Doors

    Arched Cast Iron Double Door, Black Surround With Heritage Pattern Inset

    The Black Arched double door with black surround and heritage pattern insert is the perfect mix of traditional and contemporary styles. The sleek surround offers clean liners and is perfectly accented with the heritage pattern vent insert for the air circulation. The large 27 3/8" wide by 17" height double glass doors provide the perfect viewing area to enjoy the beauty of the fire as you warm up next to the fireplace in the cold winter months.

    Arched Wrought Iron Double Door With Wrought Iron Surround

    The Arched Wrought Iron double door with the wrought iron surround provides an elegant look that is unmatched in the industry. Napoleon's attention to detail with the design of the surround is just amazing. The keystone feature at the top of the surround is a timeless design and is sure to be the focal point of the fireplace when it is not in use. The large 27 3/8" wide by 17" arched double doors tie into the wrought iron surround perfectly making the perfect picture frame and you gaze into the fire while cozying up next to the fireplace

    Optional Accessories

    Blower System with Decorative Grill & Washable Filter, 6" x 10’ Air Circulation Vent and Collar

    Napoleons Introducing a new innovative blower system for the NZ3000H-1. Equipped with a powerful 350 CFM blower makes it one of the largest fireplaces blowers in the industry. The blower can be positioned in an adjacent room to help circulate the air better in the room. In warmer climates where sub zero temperatures are not common, you can place the blower outside to introduce more fresh air introducing positive pressure to the home. The whispering quiet blower will virtually go unnoticed as it is running. The blower includes a 6" x 10' air circulating vent and collar for attachment to the fireplace.

    Outside Air Kit - 4 feet insulated flex pipe (4" dia.) with through the wall vent

    The Outside Air Kit is essential for the Napoleon NZ3000H-1 to operate the fireplace at its optimum performance. Fresh air is a crucial element for complete combustion of the wood ensuring the fireplace is burning clean. With homes being constructed with a tighter and tighter building envelope, adding fresh air can be a must for proper functionality of the fireplace. The kit includes a 4" diameter by 4ft length insulated flex pipe and the outside vent hood.


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