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Rockford Chimney Supply, Inc., guarantees that the Rock-Flex™ chimney liners and components supplied by it are free from defects in material and manufacturer’s workmanship, and from perforation caused by chimney fire or overfiring caused by you the purchaser, and corrosion.

Lifetime Warranty for wood, wood pellet, coal, gas and oil burning installations. When used to vent UL listed residential wood burning stoves and fireplaces, wood pellet stoves, Category l residential gas, oil burning heating systems, Category l gas, and oil burning water heaters, gas fireplaces or gas logs are guaranteed for the lifetime of the original Rock-Flex™ purchaser as long as said purchaser owns the home in which the Rock-Flex™ was originally installed. If the home is sold, this warranty shall transfer to the buyer. For Rock-Flex Lite™, warranty will transfer for a period of l0 years from date of Rock-Flex installation.

The Rock-Flex™ warranty is subject to the following: (1) installation of the liner and components in accordance with manufacturers written installation instructions; (2) use of the liner and components only for the lining and relining of chimneys used to vent residential appliances for which the liner was intended; and (3) annual inspection, maintenance, and cleaning of liner, beginning one year after the date of installation and continuing at intervals of no more than twelve months from the date of installation by a nationally certified chimney sweep, Rock-Flex installer, or other qualified chimney professional, who must fill out the appropriate section of the Rock-Flex Maintenance Record.

The Rock-Flex™ warranty is further subject to compliance with the following requirements throughout the warranty period: (1) the chimney must have a chimney cap; (2) corrosive chemical chimney cleaners must not be used; (3) plastic bristle flue cleaning brushes are recommended; (4) driftwood, wood or wood pellets containing salt, preservative treated lumber, plastic, or household trash must not be burned in the appliance, or fireplace connected to the liner. In the case of a chimney fire, the liner must be inspected by a nationally certified chimney sweep, Rock-Flex installer, or other qualified chimney professional before reuse.

Should you need to make a claim under the conditions of this warranty, contact your Rock-Flex™ installer to provide Rockford Chimney Supply, Inc. with information about the claim. Should Rockford Chimney Supply, Inc. require factory inspection of the defective parts Rockford Chimney Supply, Inc. will pay for the shipping of the material to be inspected to our factory for inspection. If the material is deemed defective by Rockford Chimney Supply, Inc., replacement of the defective material with new material, and shipping of the replacement material will be paid for by Rockford Chimney Supply, Inc., and will be considered your exclusive remedy under this warranty. Neither Rockford Chimney Supply, Inc. nor the installer of the Rock-Flex™ liner shall be liable for any costs for removal or reinstallation of the liner or any liability for special, consequential, or incidental damages in any way related to, or arising out of, defects in, or damage to, the Rock-Flex™ liner.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state concerning exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages.