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Chimney Caps and Chase Covers

All About Clay Chimney Pots

Variety of Clay Chimney PotsClay chimney pots can be as plain or decorative as you wish, and any shape imaginable. Chimney pots are still hand made using clay, allowing for intricate designs. Clay pots not only add architectural beauty, but serve as chimney extensions, that will increase the height of your chimney that may help boost your draft.

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Chimney Caps and Chimney Covers - What's the Difference?

Deteriorating Brick Chimney and TileCovering the top of your chimney is an important thing to do to prevent costly damage caused by the elements. At the top of every chimney are two parts, the chimney crown and the chimney flue. These two parts can often get confused. Understanding the differences between a chimney cap and a chimney cover will make purchasing what you need much easier.

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