Rockford Chimney Supply Testimonials and Reviews

If you have a testimonial you would like included, please send it to Feel free to include pictures if you have them! Thank you to our customers for sharing your experiences!

Back in July you gave me excellent advice re. sizing/purchasing a flue liner for the chimney associated with my wood stove. I'd like to thank you once again for your help as it is now a wintry evening (+8F) and the wood stove is performing very well. The chimney has long provided a good source of draft for the stove, but it is now vastly improved, couldn't be better.

Once again, thanks for the guidance and for supplying your excellent product which installed without a hitch and functions perfectly.

— AE Northfield, MN

A few weeks ago I ordered a chimney liner system for my fireplace insert. Your salesman recommended the liner system plus the insulating blanket. I just wanted to pass on that everything I received was easy to install and exactly what I needed. The system was simple to install and the finished product looked great. I live in Waterford, CT where the building inspectors can be hard to deal with. He commented and said "best liner job I've seen in a while". In addition, my stove is burning much cleaner with little or no smoke coming in while loading, since the liner was installed.

Thank the customer service man for me.

— AH Happy customer

Just got around to installing my new smooth flexible liner and deluxe terra cotta cap (wow). The quality of your product is second to none. Very pleased and happy I went with your product.

— B.B. from Massachusetts

Thanks so much for the great tech service from Dennis, very knowledgable, friendly and proffessional.Your website is the best, beats your competition by far. Great information for the home DIY guy. Being a family owned company tops it all off. Thanks. Jay
To ALL at Rockford Chimney Supply:

Excellent product, excellent service!

The SS chase cover was custom fabricated to my specs and shipped FedEx extremely fast. The cover allowed for 1/4 inch clearance everywhere and fit perfectly! This is the best online purchase experience I have ever had in my 60+ years. In the future, I know that any customer of yours will be satisfied.

And thank you for the extreme patience on the phone double checking my understanding of the dimensions settled upon. And I really appreciated the unexpected 10% "wintersale" discount on the price that included shipping.

Please pass this along to all at your facility.

— Bill in Knoxville

Sue and Dennis,

I received the final part of my order yesterday (the chimney cap that actually fits over the chimney chase). It looks wonderful! My fiancé’ loves how it looks too. We’ll get it installed this weekend. Thanks for the great work! 

— CC, VA

Hello, I was shopping for an fireplace insert and called RCS to ask why they were so much cheaper than my local guy, the reply was " we sell thousand of these, not 12 a year, so we can pass the savings on to you ". I asked how quick was the "free shipping", the reply " 2 days ", so I ordered one, I was in such a rush to get my liner that I screwed up the size when I ordered it, called back the next day when I realized the mistake, the reply was "no problem, will get the right one out to you today, what size do you need? 2 days later the entire flue liner kit shows up and is the right size. We installed in 3 hours -(tough site parameters)- my stove runs HOT and I am 100% satisfied, don't spend more than you have to, I don't write these recommendations without cause.

Thanks for your help,

— Chris, PA.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the excellent service!!!!!!! I placed the order with you on Monday Morning and received the perfectly made piece by Wednesday - that's incredible. The local shop would have taken anywhere from 2-3 weeks to get it done.

As a result of your excellent efforts I took your contact information to my local fireplace dealer so that they can refer you when appropriate. Hopefully they will send some additional business your way also as they are not satisfied with their current shop.

Thanks again!

— CM, West Virginia

I just finished installing my chimney liner. The instructions were flawless and the installation went as planned. I had a masonry chimney with a heatform fireplace. The heatform had rusted out after 33 years and no longer would heat my house. I decided on a wood burning stove and after extensive research purchased the Rockford Flexible Chimney liner kit and insulation kit both arrived quickly and I was able to install them myself saving thousands. The draft is fantastic and my stove works incredibility well, I wish I had know about this product years ago.

— CS

The Chase covers worked great! Here are some photos of the two we have installed already. We will probably wait until the Spring to install the 3rd chase cover which is atop a 3 story chimney that is difficult to reach in the winter. Several people have already asked where we purchased the chase covers so I am hoping some extra business will be coming your way soon. Thank you again for the excellent service.

— D.B. Mahopac, NY.

Just wanted to let you know the SS cap was a nice fit, exactly as I expected, and your details, dimensions & selection page is one of the best I've used. I've worked as a manufacturing & fabrication manager and engineer in most materials and alloys almost 50 years. Nice job and thanks!

— D.W. Auburndale, FL.

Dennis, Thank you for your assistance. All parts of my order have been received. Each in very good condition. Thank you! I expect an uneventful installation.

If the situation arises, I will recommend others do business with Rockford. I am completely satisfied. Again, thanks.


— DC Troy, Montana

I ordered my 8" rectangle liner kit and was delighted when I checked the tracking code the next morning at 7 a.m. and saw it was in town at Fed Ex already, I checked 30 minutes later and it said it was on the truck for delivery. It was delivered by 11 a.m. and I went to work wrapping the insulation, installing the liner and putting my stove together. I lit the first fire at 6 p.m.! Everything went so smoothly I almost kept thinking something must be wrong! Perhaps it went so well because EVERYTHING right down to the stainless steel clamps and the foil tape is made in U.S.A.! Thanks for the great service and quality products!

— Dennis, Dayton Ohio

Hello Dennis,

I spoke to you yesterday for advice on my possible back draft issue, and possible purchase of a wind cap. I don't think I can thank you enough for your advice yesterday. My wife and I enjoyed our first fire together in our house, and it was excellent.

Its hard to find honest business people today, so I really appreciate your help.

— DL


This is a long overdue note that I have intended to write for months now. You may or may not remember helping me (and my sister) over the phone to select and order pipe for the "re-installation" of a wrongly installed wood stove down here in the Texas woods back in January. We received the pipe and then had a friend from Houston come up for a couple of week ends to help us. Even though he is a master sheet metal worker, he had trouble figuring out how things went we called your business on a Saturday morning. We left no message when we were unable to rouse anyone, thinking that we were just out of luck and would call back on Monday. Imagine our surprise, when instead, you called us early Monday morning, knowing nothing other than that someone from "phone # XXXX, etc." had attempted to call the store. That is customer service!

You answered our questions courteously and helped us to realize what the problem must be...we had misplaced one of the boxes (in our little Rubik's Cube of a cabin...) in the interim between receiving the shipment and getting to work on the installation...Once that missing part was located, we were able to proceed with the work. That little stove kept us warm (and safe, I might add) during the roughest winter in this region in the past 40 years! I just want to thank you for your conscientious and knowledgeable help and for the quality products we purchased from you. We will certainly recommend Rockford Chimney Supply to others as well as purchasing from you again.


— DLV (and LAK)...Centerville, TX.

Your reviews are top notch. Your customers speak highly of your product and service. For these reasons I decided to purchase these items from your company. Thank you.

— FET, Sr.

Just wish to express my sincere thanks for providing a incredible product that fit like a glove (& that was made in the USA)!

The shipment (by FedEx) arrived in perfect condition & was wrapped in bubble-wrap like nothing I have ever seen.

The "old" galvanized metal cover was completely rotted (like a big rusted potatoe chip). The stainless steel cover is "on" & looks fantastic!

Thank you again!


— FK, New Jersey

Morning, Dennis..we got it [the cupola]..and we love it ! Thank you so much for your patience... He put it up on the roof last night - easy peasy...looks GREAT! =)

— G

I love you guys.

I love the chimney flue. Eric was a great help in determining what I needed to do the job and gave me excellent advice in how to put it in. The installation was very easy. You may remember, I bought a 20 foot standard 6 inch flexible liner, a tee for the bottom and a cap to fit the existing 12” terra cotta liner. I insulated it for 15 feet. After putting the flue in and connecting the side part of the tee, we cut off the 4 feet of liner above the cap and put on the rain cover. I have been burning wood in my boiler for a week and it works fabulously – way better draft than before.

Now I also owe large gratitude to Dennis. Having my stupid starter go out on me in your driveway was a real pain. You guys could have just told me to have the truck towed to a nearby shop. That late in the day I would have been hard pressed to find anybody to fix it. I most likely would have had to stay overnight somewhere and get it fixed the next day for another couple hundred dollars or more. Dennis was super nice and drove me to a parts store to get a new starter and then helped me put it on. He lay on his back with me under the truck for, I think upwards of 2 hours in the cold. Thank you Dennis.

I will recommend Rockford Chimney Supply to anyone. They are a very honest, knowledgeable, and helpful bunch of folks, selling a great product. It was wonderful doing business with you.

— GM, Prudenville, MI

I received my order yesterday and installed it this morning. I am very happy with the quality and fitment of the new chase and cover. Attached is a photo of the old chase that was original to the house. The new chimney chase looks great. I will recommend Rockford Chimney Supply to my friends

— J.T. Woodbridge, VA.

I received my chimney chase top today.

Very well packed

Timely delivery

High quality metal fabrication

Meets dimensional and configuration specifications perfectly

Happy customer

Best regards and thank for great service,

— JA

Just some real life video of what type of product you're purchasing when you order from, Rockford Chimney ~ Quality IMO

Watch my video video review!

— James Crow of Crow Contracting Company

We received our order and just wanted to say THANK YOU for the excellent workmanship on our "chimney hat", and the expedited shipping of the finished product! Ordering from your site was refreshingly user friendly for the consumer. Overall.... VERY IMPRESSIVE ON ALL ASPECTS!! Will definitely recommend your company and will purchase again when the need arises!!

Again, Thank You!!!

— JC - Toledo, OH.

Hello Dennis,
Thanks for the custom chase cover and chimney cap. Finally was able to get up on the roof and it all fits great ! Attached is a pix. The chase fits nicely snug. You have been such a help to me and I'm grateful!

— JG, Illinois

Thank you very much! After waiting 6 weeks and then being told of another backorder into Sept., from a company in Calif. ; you took my order and got it to me within days. Also, the [Rockford Chimney lining] product appears to be excellent quality. Eric my customer service rep. was helpful, knowledgable and confident of all he told me (not programed). I will pass on your company name to anyone I can.

— JH, West Virginia

I wish to thank all of the people involved with this order. It arrived here very quickly and in pristine condition. The online person who first took my order I think was named Dennis. He was especially helpful and the parts were a perfect fit. If the occasion arrives, I will definitely recommend your company to others.

Thanks again.

— JK

I just wanted to drop you a note and say how pleased I have been with this experience. The packaging was unbelievable and there was absolutely no damage to the cover. I wish more people would take that much care. Additionally, the chase cover fit like a glove. I am pleased you convinced me to minimize the dimensions. I will admit that I was apprehensive, but after seeing the end result, I am convinced that there are still craftmen in the world who can envision the end result by only a phone conversation. I apologize for taking so long, but with my travel schedule (and the rains), i wasn't able to do the installation until yesterday.

Anyway, thank you again for the proffesionalism and feel free to use me as a reference.

— JK, Calfornia

A sincere thank you for sending my order quickly and your video instructions. I prepared the smooth 6 inch liner, insulation and mesh in about two hours. My son and I installed it in the 35 foot high chimney, of our 130 year old home, in just over an hour including sealing the chase and installing the rain cap. Superb system!

Best Wishes,

— John

Great service!

First and foremost you gave me excellent service I have already received the Rockford Chimney 4"x30' liner / flue insulation kit and she is ready to go. Thank you so very much. I will recommend you to anyone that I know who is putting in a fireplace, insert, or wood burning stove. Thank you again.

— John, Colorado

Excellent website and helpful phone support! - very impressed!

— JS, MA

I recently ordered a chimney liner from your company and throughout the process the staff at Rockford helped me with everything I needed to get the job done. I initially ordered the wrong length ( my mistake ) and with one phone call your staff corrected the problem and shipped me the correct liner which I received in less than 24 hours of the order and in turn made arrangements for the first liner to be picked up with no extra charge FOR ANYTHING. I was able to install the liner with the aid of the in depth installation instructions that were provided with the liner and was able to save approximately $1000 by doing this myself. I can’t say enough about the support you provide and the way your company stands behind its product. The experience of doing business with you was wonderful and I would recommend your company to anyone considering lining there chimney themselves. Thank you so much for all your help.

— JS, Ohio

This is my 4th order-great job!!!

— JW, NM

Your service and delivery was some of the best I've seen. Thanks.

— JW, Ohio

My order was filled VERY Quickly! I ordered it Saturday afternoon. I was surprised when it showed up this am. Perfect condition and perfect fit! It is installed now. Fit like a glove. Going to rain the next three days, so I am a happy camper.

— KC

thanks for the quick response! when the stove comes in ( 1-2 weeks ) and i can look @ it in person just to confirm, i will be in contact with you and order up the parts i need. again thanks for the quick response, it is nice to actually deal with someone who has good business sense! thanks again! be in touch soon... by the way i was impressed by the quality of the parts i already received from you guys, it was a dream to install! god bless stuff made in America!

— KC from Michigan

Just wanted to thank you for the product, your assistance and advice, and taking the timeout from your busy day, this time of year to call me and discuss. The liner went in perfectly, just as we had discussed, did just like you said, slightly ovalized it to get it thru the damper, rounded it back once thru and set and connected it right that stainless collar was hard to, at the bottom to connect to the stove,,,but got it all in,,,liner took all of about an hour to lay out and get down the chimney, and another hour or so to hook all up,,,fit perfectly,,,awesome product, already on third burn-in for the stove,

Awesome quick delivery on it too, already have friends looking at them, so you may be hearing from them too.,.....

Thanks again

— KM, Massachusetts

We built our insulated liner per the video as described. It was necessary to remove some of the insulation to get it through the chimney flue area.

We installed the Napoleon 1101P Insert, it went well. it's not easy to adjust those back leveling bolts, we found some bricks work well Too!

After burning off the "new" smell, we were up & heating well. This Insert is "Awesome" The wood we use now is one third of what we used before. The heat from the side draft is fantastic. After you get this baby up to temp, just pull the air flow down a ways & your 'e toasty for hours.

This is a very efficient quite running insert. Thanks For all you did in helping us D. I. Y. Farmers out. We Love it.

Thanks Again, Rockford People, & Dennis especially.

Sincerely ,

— L&K D, Washington

Unfortunately I did not take any photos of the liner installation. I can verify that the new liner and accessories worked as planned. After the installation was complete, the stove burns better now than it has for the 33 years. Materials arrived on schedule. I will definitely recommend Rockford to my friends for their chimney needs I will also be purchasing one of your cleaning kits in the near future. 

— L.L. Coatesville, PA.

Just wanted to confirm I received this item on Saturday (much to my surprise…It came the day after I ordered it!) and it fit perfectly. Thanks for all your assistance! It’s nice to know there are companies out there that still provide friendly personalized service. It's such a rare thing these days.

Thanks again!

— LB, Connecticut

I ordered a 5.5" 20' flexible 316Ti chimney liner kit for my wood burning insert from you 2 weeks ago. It was on my doorstep the next day! Before I ordered, I had several talks with members of your staff to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into. In each case, Sue, Dennis and Eric were very professional. They were also very responsive when I had questions during the installation process. All in all, the installation went smoothly and so far the product is performing brilliantly. We are looking forward to a winter of cosy firelit nights. I did have some problems with the pre-cut insulation lengths I ordered, but you refunded that part of my order with no questions asked. Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family. I attach a few pictures.

All the best,

— Matt K

Absolutely outstanding phone support with pre-ordering questions on my application. I can not emphasize this enough! The widest selection of components that I could find anywhere. Very timely delivery and great packaging for shipping.

Thanks again,

— MM, NY

I wanted to first say thank you for helping me with my chimney chase. Recently, a bad storm and heavy winds blew my old rusted chimney chase off and I had to go out in the pouring rain and put a temporary tarp over the hole in the roof. After I dried off i sat down at the computer and did my research on chimney chases. I saw a lot of companys offering a chimney chase for around $600-$700. I thought this to be outrageous so I kept on searching and I noticed that Rockford Chimney Supply kept on showing up in my search results. So, I went to the page and browsed around and was happy to find a lot of useful information regarding the chimney chase. Their products are made in the USA, stainless steel and shipping is free. I took my exact measurements down to the thousandths of an inch and they did the rest. About three days later I received my chimney chase and did a test fit. It fit perfectly and is exactly what I wanted for a fraction of the price everyone else was selling it. I also forgot to mention I received an additional 10% discount at checkout for a sale they have on chimney covers! I am extremely satisfied and would recommend them to anyone that has a chimney or fireplace issue. This is what they specialize in and they are very good at what they do!!

Thanks again,

— MP

I am very pleased to see that I received both the custom stainless cover and chimney cap that I placed one week ago with Rockford. My contractor didn't think that I would receive the units on time, and slow the remodeling project down! I suggested to let me try and see what happens! The contractor was reluctant to say OK! Both units were received in good shape and measured exactly what my contractor wrote down. I want to thank you for the fine products and the timely manner I received them.

Thank you,

— Mr. D

I just wanted to say thank you. I ordered the 6 inch liner kit which all arrived perfectly and on time. At first I was going to have a professional install liner but was shocked he wanted $1500 to do it. After a little time online I ordered liner kit thru you guys. With the help of my dad and family friend installing stove and your liner kit was a breeze and I saved myself $1100 dollars in doing so. My family and I could not be happier. I will definitely be a repeat buyer for all my wood burning needs. Attached is photo of newly installed stove.

Thanks again,

— MR Somerset, MA

We received the chase top today and installed everything in less than an hour.
I really appreciate the time you had spent with we answering code and installation questions and finally putting an order together. Please tell others that were involved that I really do appreciate their help and understanding. It was a pleasure dealing with you and your company and will definitely recommend your organization to friends and family.

— R.M. Sussex, WI.

Thanks, Rockford Chimney Supply, for your Chimney Liner Supply Kits! Everything went smoothly without a hitch! You saved me money and on top of that, free shipping!

Now to the woods for some stove wood! I will be back if I need any additional help.

— RB

Just wanted you to know that my chimney cover fits perfectly!!! I couldn't be happier with it. Fast processing, fast shipping and easy installation. My old stainless steel chimney cap fit perfectly on top. Wish that I'd ordered this years ago. Thanks

— RJ - Elizabethtown, KY

I have no idea why I fretted so much over the installation.

While cleaning my chimney this Fall I found 4 ceramic tile that were cracked and no one had the equipment to replace them. A "Chimney Specialist" in our small town area checked it out and came in with an estimate over $2200 to install a Stainless Steel tube. But, after finding your website and speaking with you guys, I decided that I should be able to accomplish the job myself.

I finally decided to order the parts which were not cheap because I needed an oval tube, but at $780. for everything, was well under the estimate the Specialists had given. By the time I had ordered, Ol' Man Winter was starting to close in. You were at your busiest time of the season and my order being was specialized took nearly 3 weeks to get it all. Thinking that it would be to cold to install it this year I prepared it anyhow. Insulating it was a 'breeze'. I had everything ready to go when my stepson stopped in and said " It's 40 degrees and sunny, it could be the last of the 40's, let's do it". Not knowing what to expect, it took us about 1 1/2 hours to complete the job. Just like you guys said, there was "nothing to it".

We are happily burning wood again this year.

"Thanks" to all of you!

— Rod from WI

Received the chimney chase cover today. It is absolutely perfect!! I never requested the corners to be rounded but you did it anyway! Great Job!! Thanks!!! Flue tile fits like a glove!!

I am sure glad I located you. I was going to pay the same amount to have a galvanized piece made.

Thanks again,

— RZ

I recently purchased a chimney liner kit from you and I wanted to tell you how very impressed I was. I ordered it late monday night and it was on my doorstep Wednesday afternoon. It took longer to change a spare tire than to install your product the workmanship is outstanding. I will recommend your company and products to everyone I know
Thank you

— SA

I received my order the other day and have to say it is some of the most quality metal work I have ever seen. Excellent! So excellent that I recommended it to the knuckleheads that originally installed my woodburner. It was high quality and very quick delivery. Thanks for a high quality product.

— SO, Ohio

Rockford, I am very pleased with the Rockflex 4"x25' pellet stove lining kit, the installation went off without a hitch, I was able to do it by myself in about 2 1/2 hours... and the Buck Stove has a perfect draw...

— TB, Ohio

Good Morning! The 6" rigid stove pipe arrived on Wed, the guys fished the pipe thru the chimney on Thurs and by the time the turkey was done, the stove was on and the job went as smooth as could be. Thanks so much for the quick process of our order and the good information on how easy it would be to install.

Best Regards,

— The Jewetts, NH,

You can see it is clean. The design worked great. Pretty nice that I could talk to the sales staff and get a good design. The little Jolet keeps the tool room 75 to 80 degrees for hours. And there is virtually no smoke - evidence of a perfectly operating system. Really helped me out after farming in temperatures in the teens! Send me a link and I'll give you an outstanding review!

— W.J. from Virginia